Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And Another First Tooth

Different boy. Same tooth. If that makes any sense. And the weird thing is, IT WASN'T EVEN LOOSE.
Apparently The Bug was just playing around with a piece of string (from his pants, because ya know, he's a boy) and he yanked his tooth right out. Not a wiggle.
And yes, there was some bleeding. The kind that mixes a little bit of fear and pain with pride and a feeling of accomplishment.
And then he had to consult his anatomy book just to confirm that he had in fact lost a tooth. He likes to have the facts. My wee scientist.

And then on to the tooth fairy.
Who did such a great job with the first first tooth.
The Bug wrote out a note to the tooth fairy asking her to leave his fine specimen for further analysis and left him $10. Which would be plenty, by most standards. You just never know what that fairy has in her little fairy purse.
But honestly he was just happy to have his tooth and any kind of monetary gain was just icing on his tiny little tooth!

Update: his new tooth is already growing in, so it must have been ready to fall out. How will the others come out?

1 comment:

Mrs. M said...

Your poor poor tooth fairy...having two boys to support at the same time. She needs a part time job at the Mint.
Yay for The Bug!
W still has all his teeth. I think it'll be quite dramatic the time he loses one.