Monday, January 29, 2007

Come on Now, Sugar...

They say at 5months along, an unborn baby starts to hear quite well, and can learn to recognize sounds. Especially its mothers voice.
My baby is going to think I am Veronica Mars.
My guilty pleasure lately has been watching the first two seasons on dvd. I have to say my habit has been wildly supported (enthusiastically instigated) by YoJo. She is my supplier. It's like crack.
And most nights now I like to watch in bed before I go to sleep, with my mini dvd player sitting on my stomach. It just fits there so well.
I'm nearing the end of the 2nd season, and I'm starting to get the sweats. What will I do when I'm finished?! Waiting around to watch the 3rd season as it unfolds weekly, once I catch up, seems like a sad substitute.

In any case, don't be surprised if my baby comes out singing 'We Used to Be Friends...'
I won't be.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Circus Act ll

Things you might find when you open the door after 'nap time'....

I tried to be stern, but it was really hard not to laugh. Cleaning up was a full fledged effort though, requiring lots of dish soap. Diaper cream is greasy. And it was in the top drawer of the dresser, supposedly out of reach to begin with. The Bug was quite proud of himself.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Chances Are...

So. We had another ultrasound today. It was so much better than our last experience, thanks to the Canadian Diagnostic Centre. And to Alyson and Mrs. Mmmmaaahvelous for their advice. Our technician was a lovely woman. It was exciting to see the wee babe again, and we were able to see a lot more than last time. Everything was better.
And it looks like chances are mostly, likely, quite possibly, it's a girl!!!

Now, I'd like to be able to say with more certainty, and the tech thought it was most certainly, but she suggested another viewing to confirm before we go painting anything pink. Is she crazy? What better story for a possible last minute switch? Sorry son, we thought you were a girl! And that closet full of dresses, you'll get used to it!

I don't know if we're really much better off than we were this morning. At least I think we can say our chances are up from 50/50....60/40? Let's go with 80/20!
In any case, we are excited to think that we are possibly having a daughter.
At the same time, throughout the exam, I kept thinking how amazing it was to see such a little tiny person. And how lucky we were to be able to see. And how beautiful and perfect.
Either way.

And because this is OUR child, and the first time we had ever had the option of a 4D image, the baby was curled up in a ball with 'her' chin down turned away from us, with 'her' feet over her head most of the time. So we have a lovely, complimentary(because they didn't charge us for such a minimal shot), 4D view of 'her' ear!

Friday, January 19, 2007

23 Months

New tools from Grandma.

Helping Daddy build our new chairs and table.

The Bug.

The boys reached the 23 month mark earlier this week. It seems like a lot has happened this month. We enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year having much fun with family and friends. January has been much quieter but we've still managed to find time for playdates with good friends and some new ones too. We went for a horse driven sleigh ride in the mountains, and had a blast sledding down a small hill nearby with Daddy and Auntie J.

The Bee has improved his sleeping habits...somewhat. There is still room for improvement, but he has actually slept all the way through some nights. Hooray!
He has also developed a new interest lately. Colouring. I've had them colouring a bit on paper with pencil crayons (more difficult to eat or break) for a while now, but recently we tried REAL crayons. The Bee loves them. He is great at colouring and loves to take the crayons out of the box and put them back in. The Bug seems to get bored fairly quickly, but The Bee will fill his whole page. It makes me happy to see him enjoy something that I enjoyed so much as a kid.

My easy going, happy little Bug has somehow turned into a moody teenager over the past few weeks. I suspect it's an early response to turning 'terrible two' (teenagers and two year olds are really much the same). He's had a couple of full-on temper tantrums, both in public of course, and will carry on, and on long after he can remember what he's upset about, I'm sure. This usually requires him laying face down on the floor and wailing or screaming. Eventually it will taper off, but then he will throw in a few half-hearted sobs just for effect. He doesn't give up easily. I seem to recall my own mother mentioning my stubborness as a child, and unwilling to let go of something when I was upset. It must be coincidence...
On a more fun note, the boys are still fascinated with Cars. They watch at least a few minutes of the movie almost every day, especially at bedtime with Daddy. And if I try to expand their repetoir to say, Nemo or some other pale comparison, they simply keep repeating 'Car-Cars?' as if to say 'What is this crap? I don't see any cars? Are the cars coming?'
The Bug finally wore out his DVD cardboard cover by loving it to pieces. I got him a box of Cars valentines, mostly just for the box and he pores over it and studies it like the daily news. It is of the utmost and unending interest for him. Weird, but cute!
That's my boys...weird, but cute.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Circus Act

The Bee's bedroom is most likely the most kid-proof room in the house. There is no furniture except for his bed, some soft toys and large pillows. The boys are intended to share the larger room where The Bug sleeps, but we haven't been that brave yet. So when I need them to play on their own for a few minutes while I say, take a shower or something special like that, I put them in The Bee's room, where they can't really get hurt, or do much damage. Most likely. (They cannot dump drawers or climb dressers, or pull apart diapers, because there are none!)
Amazingly, while they are in there 'playing' it sounds like a WWE wrestling match, or like some major renovations are going on. Thumping and banging and the sounds of large bodies being moved around. So it is always with some trepidation that I open the door to see what is going on.

Today was a new one. I opened the door to find The Bee's bed turned upside down, and the two of them inside their new fort, happy as two peas in a pod. The Bee, of course, also had his shirt off. I was just thankful that his diaper was still intact.
I've heard from other people (like the nursery leaders) that my boys are quite the climbers and especially like buttons and knobs (stereos etc). I already knew that, of course, but aren't all little boys like that?
Or am I really just raising hooligan ape children??!

p.s. they sleep in a pack'n'play similar to this one, without the stuff on top...they had bassinets on top when they were first born which was really handy and have proved to be quite useful for us...however, big boy beds are in their very near future. The Bee likes to push his in front of the door when he goes to bed at night, all the better to reach the light switch and flick it off and on to his hearts content...

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Last week was a busy one for me. I had an appt or something nearly every day, followed by a busy weekend. This week is hibernation. I'm not sure if it's recovery from last week, because I'm just that tired and lame, or it's just the January blaaaahhs. Either way, I've barely done anything useful and certainly not inspired. We've barely left the house.
It's just as well now that's it's all freezing igloo-ville out there again. A good excuse. We're planning a playdate in the morning, so we'll see how we fare. Energizing or exhausting?
Now back to my hibernating! McDreamy is calling...

Monday, January 08, 2007

Of No Consequence

I wish tanning was good for you.
I am a WHITE girl, so it's not like I get all chocolatey dark brown or anything. But as I was looking at my pastey white self today, I thought how much better I would look with a tan. It would be different if I had lovely milky white skin like Nicole, or something. But I do not. And pregnancy is no friend to my skin.
I had no experience with the 'tanning bed' until I was in my late 20's. While skeptical at first, I soon became enamored with the flush, darker biege color it imparted, and the yummy tropical fresh baked coconut smell which lingered. Like a 20 minute vacation. Then I realized that wrinkles were part of the package. No more tanning for me.

But sadly, I looked at the lovely 'brown-sugar' tanned, fake-but-delightfully-honey-colored-professionally-blown-out hair of Kelly Ripa this morning and I felt a little longing...


Thanks everyone for your great comments on my last post.
I have a new doctor this time around, since this is not a high risk pregnancy and does not require a specialist, but she seems to be great. She had the ultrasound results the next day when I went to my appt and noticed that they were unable to get any view of the umbilical cord. Therefore, we should have another ultrasound! And that was before I even mentioned Igor the aweful. Everything else looked good.
I will keep you posted!

Now, to my real topic today. New Year's resolutions. I feel free this year, once again, from the obligatory weight loss resolution. Not that it won't come to the forefront at a later date, but not today. I don't feel that being pregnant is an excuse completely to eat everything in sight, but there are certainly wider parameters. I have to say there can be a lot more enjoyment in eating, when you aren't really worrying about every gram of fat or carbohydrate. But I assure you there will come a day, likely this time next year, when I will be tired of my post baby body and will once again be onboard with losing the flab.

In the meantime...I don't have any 'real' resolutions other than trying to ensure I have a healthy baby, and try to make it through the coming days with at least a shred of my sanity in tact. That applies more heavily to those early days with a newborn and 2 two year old boys. I didn't know how it was going to work the first time either, but it always does somehow, right?!

Other than that, a few 'goals' are:
Short term, CH and I want to get some stuff up on the walls. Photos etc. We bought a bunch of frames, and now we need to fill them.
To learn to use the lighting set-up CH got me for Christmas. We could set up a little studio space in our basement. At first I was intimidated by the 'machines', but I'm excited to see what I can do with them.

To have more patience with my boys. To enjoy them every day and try to introduce them to new experiences and have fun together.
To enjoy time spent with my CH. It's not always easy to find that time, but always worth it.
To have a harmonious, happy home. I'd like to add peaceful, but let's not get crazy.
And to make sure I take time for myself and do some of the things I still love to do. Ever mom's goal I guess, but it beats 'running around screaming, pulling our hair and talking back to the little birdies'. Unless that's what you like to do!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's a Boy!....Or a Girl!

OK internet, I have to confess I've been holding out. Big news.
Well, I expect all 4 of you reading this are thinking, yah, already knew. But in case you didn't internet, the TwoMittens family is expecting a new baby!
With so much going on the past few months and weeks, it's almost been a non-issue. Not that it hasn't been a big deal, because it has. I just haven't had a lot of time to dwell on it constantly, like I did last time.
So there you have it.
And we've had an ultrasound, and routine testing and all the rest, and all is well. And all is one. Baby that is. One baby this time around. I can't tell you what a happy relief that was. Two was quite a novelty the first time, but we are plenty happy with one this time. Whew!
And while I love my boys with every fibre of my being, I think a girl would be a nice addition. Just so I'm not, you know, completely outnumbered. Although, I know we'll be thrilled with whatever we get. Because really, it's already done except for the finding out.


And I was so excited. Until we got to the examining room for our routine 18-20week ultrasound this afternoon and realized in a moment that it was not going to go well. I've had myself many an ultrasound before, and some better than others, but all mostly good. Until Igor. Igor the aweful. First of all, most of the techs are women. Not sure if that's usually the case, but maybe it imparts a certain empathy? They are generally quite friendly and helpful. Even enthusiastic.
I don't really believe in stereotypes, but if Igors with thick accents and no personality or warmth or apparent interest in the patient other than his highly technical task at hand, don't bother to ask questions I'm not going to answer, I just got here from 'the block', implies a stereotype...well then, he was it.
I barely saw any of what was going on. He 'politely' deferred any questions CH asked him. And the pictures we requested (as is the norm) seemed to be a chore for him at the end of the session.
I'm so disappointed.
I realize many people still wait all the way until gosh, delivery to find out what they are having. But we are not those people. I was just as excited today and looking forward to knowing a little more about my tiny new person.

Anyway, I'll consult with my doctor and if need be we'll make our own appt for the very near future. We're going to find out dammit!!

I was just hoping it was going to be today.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

** I don't know what happened to my photos here...they worked fine when I had them up, then slowly started disappearing...maybe they will reappear??**

Happy first day of 2007.
I think Christmas 2006 was a smashing success!

We started two days before Christmas with the birthday of our beloved Capricorn, CH. Yes, the goat. Imagine that. We spent a fairly quiet day, because unlike myself, CH doesn't like much hoopla. He is a quiet birthday person.
The kids made cards, and 'helped' me make a cake. As you can tell from the licking of the beaters. And by make a cake, I mean I bought an angel food cake, sliced it into layers, and filled it full of pudding and bananas, and whipped cream and mango puree. It looks like pancakes, but it tasted delicious!

From there we had a festive Christmas eve here at home, with great friends.

Then a day with CH's family, and then a few days with me and the kiddos at my parent's place, along with extended family.
Our own little Christmas miracle was the fact that for the first time ever, we had a peaceful happy car ride. In fact, all our travel went very well. An angel must have got his wings!

The highlite, I think for the kids (other than being the center of attention, and adored everywhere we went), was CARS. Oddly enough, none of us had seen the movie, but about a month ago we got a box of baby wipes with pictures on the side. The boys loved it. The Bug especially likes to carry it around with him.
Santa brought the movie and two 'Smak and Yak' soft cars that say 'ouch' when you bang them around. I think The Bug has slept with it ever since. And we have all enjoyed the movie. Several times already. With several more showings to come, I'm sure.
The Bug carries the cardboard case from the dvd around with him like a book and will often stop and 'read' it as he looks carefully at all the pictures. Yep, cardboard. All the entertainment you need!