Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby Girl 1 Year!

Last Thursday was The Babes first birthday. Unfortunately we spent that whole day in the van driving home. Not her first choice of activities, I'm certain. Little trooper.

She is currently struggling with her two bottom molars. This will make 11 and 12. Yikes. She sure has had a head start on teeth. I'm hoping this means she will get all that strife out of the way early.
She still doesn't often sleep through the night. Although she did quite well while we were away. And now the painful gums have kept us both up most of this week.

And while I miss sleeping this past year (sometimes painfully so) I must confess that holding that tiny little body at night and kissing those cheeks when I put her back to bed, I will likely miss even more.

She is definitely developing a more independent attitude, and loves to play alongside her brothers as well as explore on her own.
She still loves to empty things (cupboards, laundry baskets) but she now tries to put things back sometimes. That's a good step!
And speaking of steps, she really hasn't taken any on her own. She still practices standing and getting her balance, but finds crawling much faster.

I love how she is getting so big and capable, and she is still so small and sweet.
We just love her to pieces!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

39 Months boys. I was looking at pictures the other day of the boys when they were about 16 months old. Just a little older than The Babe is now. They were such cute little babes. They were(are) such a handful, but they were so sweet. Over the past few weeks I've been thinking how tall and boy-ish they look all of a sudden.
They were pretty good travelers which was a huge relief (a little movie goes a long way...I think a I replayed the 7 minute 'Mater and the Ghostlight' a gajillion times on the way home).

They are so often lost in their own world of play and entertainment. Which is greatly annoying when they don't listen to anyone else, BUT they are often being silly for each other and laughing (and squealing) with joy.

One of the funniest things The Bee does is sing. Sometimes he really knows the words and sometimes he just says whatever it 'sounds' like. He makes us laugh.
The Bug is such a good boy a lot of the time. He has some very specific 'wants' or as he emphatically states "I DON'T WANT!" but the rest of the time he's pretty easy to get along with.

Once again, they are a lot like puppies. They will spend all day outside if possible, but get pretty wild on rainy days when they can't go out so much. We like them to be tired at the end of the day. Or they have too much energy.
We haven't been having much afternoon 'quiet time' lately, and it's wearing me out!

They're both creative and funny and stubborn and bossy and loud and mischevous and sweet and obnoxious and fun.

Here's my sweet Bee.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Travelling Days

We had some fun the last few days of our trip. The weather was hot and the pool was fantastic. The Bee was not going to risk it though, and we could not convince him to get in. The Babe got to have her first swim though, and it was quite fun. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to outdoor pools (too cold) but I could have stayed in there all day! Perfect.

When we headed out, as I mentioned the weather was beautiful but was starting to cool off by the time we hit Salt Lake City. We took the scenic route from there up Logan's pass to Bear Lake and then over to Jackson, Wyoming. It was raining but lush and gorgeous.
Until the snow.
Leaving Jackson we drove through Yellowstone Park, hoping to enjoy some more loveliness. Instead. More SNOW.

Oddly enough, although our trip with the littles was far from perfect (FAR) we had some really fun times. And yes, as the painful moments fade away I find myself almost willing to do it all again. There is something wonderful about traveling that makes me feel expanded. In the best way. And CH and I have high hopes for many family adventures.

So maybe not tomorrow, but check back with me in a few weeks...months?

At least my boys have fun no matter what. They love to be outside and would be happy to stay there all day. I think one of the highlites for them was the 'spinkles' that came on twice a day. A little water and some sunshine goes a long way.

Friday, May 23, 2008

We're Baaaack

We made it. Home. Late last night.
We're catching up and unpacking and stretching our legs after the marathon 14 hours in the car yesterday.
More stories will be coming soon...

It's always great to get away and always great to come home!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I think we may all actually live. Hooray!

In the meantime, we had a pretty fun time on Saturday morning. We took the kids to Arches National Park for the first time. I think it's one of the coolest places ever. I've been before, but it's just as amazing every time I see it.
Our first stop was the Windows Arch.
Once The Bug figured out he could climb on those rocks he was in heaven! We had to keep a close watch on him or he would've been up on top in no time.
The Bee is a little more cautious. Which is probably a good thing.

Next we went on a little hike to the Sandy Arch. We'd never stopped at this one before so it was quite a pleasant surprise for all of us. It was a relatively small arch, but surrounded by the most beautiful, soft sand you can imagine. All the kids loved it. And once again, The Bug would have been happy to keep on climbing!

The Babe was not feeling so good, but she kept snuggled up to me and slept all the way home. It took a few days, but I think she's back to her healthy little self now too. I hope!

True Value

Children who have thrown up repeatedly over the past 10 days: 2
Babies with a fever: 1
Loads of laundry to clean up throw up: a gajillion
Nauseas parents: 1
Babies who squeal and skreetch when placed in carseat: 1
Kilometers and hours to return home: endless

Vacation with small children: priceless?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moab Pool Party

We've had visitors the past couple of days. Nana and Papa were on their way back home from a wedding in Las Vegas and stopped by for a couple of days. It's always fun with Nana and Papa. Especially with pool toys!
You can't tell from the sunny pictures, but it's actually a bit chilly out. The Bug was not going to be deterred, and he actually went in the big pool with daddy. The kids have never really gone swimming in a big pool before so he was quite excited.He held on really really tight, but had a big smile the whole time.
The Bug was not going to get in. Even with his dragon. He spent a few minutes in the hot tub with his sandals and hoodie on, but preferred to catch a few rays.
The Babe was content to hang out with Nana and Papa and watch all the action. Swimming for her another day!

Mother's Day

Some photos from Sunday at the park.
This was the coolest play park we've been to.

It had several play areas, but our favorite was the music park. It had chimes and drums and lots of things to hit and shake and make 'music' with. And it actually sounded pretty nice.
It also had a giant piece of driftwood to climb on. Very popular!

Monday, May 05, 2008

International Day of Wonder

It's International Midwives Day! And Cinco de Mayo! And we're going on vacation this week to the Fire Rocks!
(molten lava is also know around here as Fire case you're visiting any live volcanoes)

So have a baby/a margarita and pack your bags!

I am hankering for a nice salsa with something lime-y while I wash the laundry and fill up a duffle bag with hats and sunscreen and shorts.
We need a summer wardrobe!
Swimsuits for everyone!
They have swimming pools in the desert!
(guess who hasn't worn a swimsuit for over 3 years?? is there a special mom suit out there that magically reflect light and water to fool the eye and make you instantly tanned and toned? there should be!)

Rocks and sun and fun!
Any advice on how to survive the 15-20 hour car ride??!!!

Friday, May 02, 2008


3 and I have had a bit of a rough time lately. As I've alluded to. So I thought it only fair that I tell you about my afternoon.
My two 3year olds played outside in the backyard all afternoon. ALL. AFTER. NOON.
Together. Without pounding on each other. Or running back and forth to the door and ringing the doorbell and climbing the railings on the deck. Like happy little pals.
With my close watch from the windows at the back of the house. And only minor incidents. (stealing the sprinklers from next door)
They had fun. I had calm. The Babe had a nice nap.
We were all so civilized.

It was like a little bit of backyard prozac.