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Motherhood Series - Jayci

Jayci is my youngest sister (Auntie Shi Shi). And my best friend and biggest support. She is the closest family, physically and emotionally to me and my kids. We adore her.
Jayci and I have long wished that we'd have kids at the same time so that we all could enjoy these experiences together. And she has been here with us, helping and playing and caring and loving since the first day my twins were born.
My biggest wish for her is that she gets all the desires of her heart, and that I can be there to help and play and care for and love her all along the way. Whatever the future holds.

And she has dibs on one of the twins to look after her when she gets old!

Love you sister!

1. Tell us about yourself!

I am a single, childless almost 33 year old. It's tough to admit that sometimes so I mostly try not to think about what I can't change and look forward to when I will be a mom. In the mean time I am a proud aunt to 3 nephews and 1 very energetic niece.

2. What were your expectations of motherhood before you had kids? (ie. Did you think you'd have a whole houseful of kids? Did you see yourself as a mother at all? Did you wonder if it would ever happen?)

I'm still in the "wonder if it will ever happen" phase of life. I definitely want to have children.

3. What has been(was) your biggest surprise about Motherhood? (different than you expected? or wish someone had told you?)

I have always wanted to have a big family. For some reason I like the idea of having five kids, though I may never make it to that many. I've always been really good with babies and little kids and I feel that my life experiences so far would be useful in helping me to relate to my own teenagers.

I can definitely say that the biggest surprise for me relating to motherhood is that I'm not already a mom. I had expected to be almost done having kids by the time I hit this age. Had I known I may have done some things differently.

4. Biggest joy?

Falling back to my "favourite aunt" status I am so lucky to be a part of my niece and nephews' lives and to watch them grow up. My favourite thing is watching them discover things for the first time and learn new things. The biggest joy is when they are excited to see me and want to sit with me over anyone else. They make me feel so loved and I am completely smitten by them.

5. Best wish for your children?

To love and be loved and to know that no matter what life throws at them they will get through it. To know their own worth. To find what they are passionate about and go after it. Finally, I wish for them to have parents that they can always turn to and to whom they want to remain close.

6. How do you find time for yourself/what do you do?

I barely have time for myself now and I anticipate this will be an even bigger problem when I have kids. I try to learn from the examples of all the wonderful moms that I know and am mentally making plans for how I will find time to do things that will heal my spirit. I am learning now what those things are.

7. What do you wish you had more of? Less of?

More: self-confidence, nerve, dinners made by someone else, dresses that actually go to my knees, hugs, time to work on film school, laughter

Less: meetings, babysitting adults, making all of the decisions myself, worrying about everything

8. What do you hope your kids learn from you?

I hope my kids learn to be kind to others because people are more important than things. I hope they are creative, love to read, and appreciate simplicity in life as well as healthy living.

9. What are some of the best things you learned from your own mother?

I've learned that you make time for things that are important to you. Also, that there are very few legitimate reasons to yell at your children. Family is important and you can enjoy spending time with them.

My mom once told me, "Just because you are in a bad mood, does not give you the right to make others feel like crap." That has stuck with me for years and I try to live by that.

Love you Mom!

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