Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quote of the Day

The kids and I were on our way to the park near our house when we came up to a couple of boys on their bicycles. I believe they are going into grades 1 and 2. We met them another time at the same park. We had chatted. They thought the boys were interesting. As they rode past the one boy said,

"Not you again..."

I was unaware that we had made such an impression.


Brrrr! It certainly feels like fall already. I went out this morning to pick up my newly repaired camera (FINALLY!!) and I had to use the seat warmers. Brrrr.

Fall is quickly approaching (I like to think of early September as late summer) and with it comes many changes. The leaves are already changing and falling off the trees. Some of us are back to school. Shorter days and cooler nights. New tv shows to watch. Fall harvest with its bounty. One of the best things about September is Virgopalooza.

It seems like half the world is celebrating a birthday around this time (you do the math). I have a Grandpa, cousins, extended relatives, and numerous good friends with Virgo birthdays, including yours truly. I even have a friend with the same birthdate, who also has twin boys. Beware the nines! Hence Virgopalooza is a term to describe the general sense of celebration and cake eating.

I find that I don't spend as much time at birthday parties as I did in my single days, but there is still something worth celebrating. Some people shy away from birthdays as they get older, but something in me refuses to go quietly. I don't require a big party with a lot of people or gifts, but small rememberances and thoughtful times with friends/family mark the occasion. Well, and cake. Who doesn't like cake?

I enjoy celebrating the birthdays of my family and friends. I enjoy the idea of having a special day where special attention is paid. I enjoy paying that attention.

So to all my fellow Virgo friends, Happy Virgopalooza to You!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Summer Lovin'


Here is a photo from last July, and one from earlier this summer. Same babies...same tub!

Monday, August 28, 2006


This woman was on the Breakfast show this morning. I actually felt a little inspired. I could be Ripped!
Maybe I'll stop on the way home from the Belgian Bakery and pick up a dvd...

A Big Step

Turning 18 months old is a bit of a milestone here as the boys are now officially old enough to join the army. Just kidding. A small baby army? Who scream at bad guys and chew their stuff? No.

They are officially old enough to go to Nursery at church. It's kind of like a wee army. Of 18mo old to 3 yr olds who run around playing with toys and drinking each others sippy cups (share and share germs alike), learning to sing songs, having snacks and generally running amuck. With adult supervision. The only catch is that is that I still have to make it through the first meeting with them, which itself is over an hour long.

Yesterday was our first attempt. All in all it went better than I expected. I was feeling brave and decided to take the boys by myself (without Aunti J for backup). We sat with a friend who kindly helped entertain, and offered up her own belongings as toys and distractions. Our little friend Q sat behind us and shared his grapes. The real trouble started when he shared a car.

The Bug had it and The Bee wanted it. Then a meltdown, where The Bee banged his head against the wooden pew (when he was having a bit of a hissy fit). I grabbed him to leave as he started to bellow, hoping The Bug would stay and play quietly with the friend, but of course I heard the clomp clomp of little feet right behind me.

But really we made it through the majority of the meeting. Finally, off to Nursery. The reaction of both boys was pretty much what I expected. The Bug was happy playing with all the toys, but The Bee is quite shy and started howling. I tried to give him some time to settle in, but ended up coming in with him to reassure him that it was alright.

It was so cute to see about 10 little toddlers in a group environment. I did not envy the people who spend every Sunday doing it (exhausting), but it was quite interesting. You certainly get to observe the different personalities of the kids, and I was curious to see how my boys would interact with others. Like the way The Bug kept taking snacks from the kids beside him. I guess they are not used to having to protect their food from a brother who wants whatever you have!

I think The Bee had fun too, although he would periodically start crying again, and would come sit with me to make sure everything was ok. My sweet little Bee.
And The Bug learned a new word....Bubbles!

We might even try this again. Well, unless I actually want to listen or pay attention to anything that is being said. At church.

*smiley face*

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Ray of Sunshine

I saw the best movie last night. I don't actually see many movies these days, but it's also fair to say there's a lot of movies not worth seeing. And I'm picky. Little Miss Sunshine blew me away.

I know sometimes when a movie gets rave reviews it almost makes you not want to see it. Expectations are too high. But you won't be disappointed. I won't go into great detail, especially since my hot date will give it a much more insightful review, but it was a joy to watch. I laughed until I was crying. Not an easy feat.

I will say that the basic premise is a screwy family who come together in support of their youngest member. As a new parent I could totally identify with the heatwrenching battle between wanting to protect your child, and wanting to support them in all their hopes and dreams, no matter what. The results are fantastic. All thumbs up!!

Different topic.

Do you ever do something really dumb and have no one to blame but yourself? Nothing horrific. Just a bit stupid. Perhaps something that could have been prevented if you had thought about it for a second.

Hypothetically... like when I went grocery shopping for the first time after I had my babies and I could barely manage two babies in carseats in shopping buggies and a grocery list even though my mom was there, and I left my bank card in the machine at the store, and it ate it...hypothetically.

Or when someone has given me some money they owed me and I put it in my pocket and forgot about it and went to the movies (for a change), but then it was gone when I remembered to look the next day because it FELL OUT OF MY POCKET...hypothetically. neither......

I think I need to see Little Miss Sunshine again!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Vanity Insanity

I had not been to see my dentist in 3 years. Not really on purpose. I like to take care of my teeth. It's just that my last check up should have been in the late stages of my pregnancy, and I just didn't make it.
And then with the babies, I barely made it to the grocery store. There was no time or energy left for frivolous activities like oral health. But then I got a letter from my dentists office. If you had a cleaning in the month of August, you qualify for a free whitening.
Yahoo! If the fear of my teeth rotting out of my head isn't enough to get me in, a pretty white smile is!

So 3 weeks, and my third appointments later I was again at my dentists office getting my nice white smile. And I knew within the first 5 minutes that I was going to regret it. Now, I have sensitive teeth to begin with. The strips are bad enough. I'm not sure what made me think that super-blast-power-hard-core bleach was going to be easier to deal with. But I'm tough. I could suck it up. As the sharp shooting pains came and went, I endured. Not quite to the 60 minute end, but nearly to the 45 minute mark. And the hygenist kept making remarks hinting that she knew what I was in for all along and probably wouldn't make it, but she was optimistic nonetheless.

I couldn't get out of that chair fast enough. And then I thought the worst was over. I should have figured it out when the hygenist gave me a handful of Advil packets and the way out and suggested I could take 4 at a time, and more Tylenol on top of that if I needed it. I spent the rest of the day with terrible aching tooth pain, with the occasional piercing shooting pain. It was worse than the cleaning and the filling put together. I felt truly horrible last night. The next time I even think of whitening my teeth, I'm going to poke myself in the eye with sticks instead.

But I do have a really pretty white smile* today.

*not my real smile, but isn't it pretty?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Like 8 Tiny Reindeer

What is more fun than having roofers on your roof in the morning as you are trying to feed your twins breakfast... Roofers who sound like a herd of reindeer...middle age, large, big booted tub-thumping reindeer... And you are renting the roof which has been leaking for over a year, and you're moving soon, and your landlord is greedy, and only fixing it now that you're moving soon...???

Roofers who ring your doorbell when you are trying to have breakfast with your kids and you are in your sweats and you haven't even looked in the mirror yet (not that you're trying to impress anyone, but you're nearly 36 and the magic doesn't just happen) and ask if they can come in and use a plug-in because they can't find one outside.

Sure, come on in!

And then come back again with the cord.
And then come back in again when it doesn't work and you found a plug-in on the garage like I told you to look the first time, but you didn't!!!!!!

And yes, two...I have twins. Thanks for asking.

Now you better not get any ideas about using my bathroom...

* I have no real problem with any roofers, I just don't want them on my roof right now. Or in my kitchen. Or my bathroom.

** Roofer trips inside my house to use my bathroom...3

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Words of Wisdom

The Bee is quite articulate and has been saying a few words for a while. The Bug seems to be more difficult to understand. While he may be saying something, it's not always apparent. The past few days he has been practising, and repeating words back to us.

He like to say Pie, but with an accent like Paah. Jest like his daddy likes Paah.
He says car-car. One is not enough.
And he like to make the growlie tiger sound like his new phone. That's my favorite.

Good Old Days?

We got back last night from another weekend in the mountains.

I have quite an affection for car trips. When I was young we had a 'cool' van (think 70's), and my dad built a bed in the back for camping etc, and as soon as we got in, we could hop to the back (who needs a seat belt??) and read or play games or whatever. We spent hours listening to music, learning every word of course and singing along. I can still sing along to almost any Simon and Garfunkel tune, or the Carpenters (for better or worse). I know my brother and I fought some of the time, but mostly I have pleasant memories.

The best part though, was the sleep. The sweet, blissful sleep. I would fall asleep shortly after take-off, and wake up hours closer to our destination. Like magic. Even as an adult it has taken me a long time to be able to stay awake on a trip of any length (I'm probably not your best bet for an all nighter drive).

My children do not sleep in the car. They do not get lulled into that peaceful rhythm of blissful content. They can not make a 2 hour car trip without screaming and wailing at least part of the way. Often a big part. Or they demand constant attention/entertainment until every possible object of interest (toys, snacks, keys, garage door opener, sunglasses, and the grand finale - daddy's cell phone) has been played with, fought over, chewed and tossed aside. This does not bode well for the summer vacations I had envisioned travelling to exotic locales, camping and having fun along the way. No sadly, there is nothing fun about these car trips.

I have made every attempt to make these trips comfortable, and pleasant. We have even tried Baby Gravol in case car-sickness is an issue. It does not make them happy or sleepy. My children have beat the system (me). I hope and pray they will grow out of this 'phase' and learn to love travel as CH and I do.

It makes me long for the really Good Ole Days, when a little of this was all you needed!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tidbits (Timbits?? I like donuts)

Here are some kinda random bits...

The boys had their 18 month shots today. They are both about the 24% for weight, and 75% for height. So, kinda tall. Just right I think. They are such troopers when they get their shots. The Bug is a man of steel. He barely winces, even on the second needle. The Bee was great too. He recovered in no time, with a little cuddle from mom. It still almost made me cry though. We're tough, but I'm glad we don't have to do it again for 3 years.

What makes a new park the best park ever?? Finding a golf ball AND crab apple trees. A boy could be in heaven!

After reading so much about it, I decided I had to try it for myself. The recipe couldn't have been easier. I used Julie's version which is super simple. I didn't have cans so I used bags. I added coconut extract, and some unsweetened coconut. Perhaps a tad too much (crunchy), but oh well. My intention was to make if for the lads, of course, but I had to make the first batch as a test of quality control. Success! YUM!

And yet another gift from Julie...who wants to go here with me???!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Link Up

I have a weakness for beautiful, shiny, expensive artsy-type magazines. There I said it. I justify the occasional purchase with the fact that I rarely go to the movies anymore. We don't eat out much. Or have many other indulgences at all, except for that diaper habit I'm trying to kick. So once in a while, $10-$12, is entertainment well spent. And really, you can only learn to do the perfect eyebrow or fixate on lipstick for so long...

I had to draw the line at $35 though. That's right. Thirty five Canadian dollars. It was a very interesting looking magazine. From the UK, which explains some of the cost. And it's called Amelia's Magazine. How does Amelia rate her very own magazine? Talented or not, is her daddy a millionaire?

Anyway, here are a few other interesting links.
Catalina Estrada
Jim Houser

And a parenting sort of mag, but less annoying than most Cookie

And some hard core design/art.
Applied Arts

Time well wasted!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

House of ...Peach?

For reasons still not known to us comletely, our house got stuccoed peach. Ick. We don't like peach. We're going to have it painted another color. What's a few more thousand dollars right??!

The good news is that some of the rest of the house is starting to finally come together. We have tile and countertops. Today we got our fireplace mantel and new paint. CH hated the first color, and it wasn't really what I thought it would look like either, so we changed it after the primer coat. We're taking responsibility for that one. Which brings me to my biggest pet the hell are you supposed to choose every aspect of your home from cabinets and tile and stone and paint from a teeny tiny square??? And then everything is supposed to just look great together. I think it's insane.
However, it feels good to be making progress.

Here are photos of the ensuite, the bonus room, the world's biggest kitchen island, and the workers taking a break...

Monday, August 14, 2006

18 Months

Yesterday the twins were 18 months old.
We spent the morning on a playdate, our final playdate with the Princess Peas before they head north later this week. Hugs and kisses to you. We miss you!

This past month has been about going to visit Grandma and Grandpa, going to the zoo, playing in our fort (cardboard box), new backyard toys, wearing Daddy's cycling shoes, and all the while getting louder and more expressive.

The Bug seems to be quite interested in cars. I think his Papa would be proud. He has learned he can reach the handle on a real car, although he still hasn't figured out, or has the strength to pull it open. He's working on it. He likes to drive the golf cart and the little electric car at Grandma's. The Bee thinks they're too noisy. The Bug is a pretty happy guy unless you take something he wants. Then your ears may fall off.

The Bee continues in his theatrics. He is always making funny faces, and he loves to interact with people whether it's playing games or flirting with the lady at the grocery store. He is very observant about what is happening around him. He also seems to have quite an appreciation for music and has already started to bust some dance moves. Maybe he really is my child after all!

They both love playing in water and bathtime is always wet. For anyone within a 2 meter radius. I usually run the bath water when they are in their high chairs finishing dinner. As soon as I let them out, they run down the hall to get in the tub. One day I was not fast enough for The Bug and came around the corner just in time to see his legs up in the air as he tumbled in head first with all his clothes on! Oh, and a huge smile on his face.

They are loud and demanding, adorable and curious, screamy and giggly, and busy, exploring and happy. Well, except when they're not.
It feels like a milestone to reach 18months. My babies are really toddlers now. So grown up already!

The Wedding Photographer

Last week was a little crazy. Mainly due to the fact that several months ago I agreed to take wedding photos on Friday. And by Thursday it was all going to hell.

I used to work at a photography studio (some day I may tell you more about that) and have been to more weddings than should be forced upon any human being. Oh the Saturday nights I have spent working with a strange, opinionated furry little man (my old boss) at the wedding receptions of strangers who all dance the Macarena and I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll. But I digress...
I actually learned a lot from working there, and much of it valuable. Unfortunately my old boss was ALWAYS having equipment problems, and it planted the seed of fear in me, that I can never take anyone's wedding photos without the anxiety of something breaking down. Due to this fact, and a few others, I rarely agree to do it. I'm still not entirely sure why I made an exception in this case.

Fast forward (backtrack) to last Thursday. My camera, still broken, has not returned from the shop. I have to rent one. The forecast is for low temperatures and heavy rainfall. The wedding date was changed from Sat to Friday, which seems like no biggie, but I have 2 children and of course, Charming Husband happens to have a big meeting on Friday afternoon. Oh yah, and we have no babysitter because our one and only sitter (other than my sister) stole from us (another story, another time) and we've never got another one. Needless to say, I was feeling ANXIOUS.

Luckily, sometimes when you really fear the worst, circumstances fail to live up to your expectations!
I managed to arrange to have my sister come and stay with us overnight. Aunti J saves the day! After the coldest wettest morning of the entire summer, the clouds broke and the sun began to shine. And the camera shop let me rent the camera for the entire weekend, for the price of one day. Hurray!

The pictures in the park went very well. I think we got some lovely photographs. The bride and groom were adorable and fun. The rest of the family photos and reception went pretty smoothly... as much as any wedding does.
(I will save more wedding stories/opinions/my own wedding story for another day!)

I don't consider myself a professional at the moment, but hopefully a bit more than your average uncle Larry with a zippy camera. Somewhere in between I guess. Bottom line is that I still love to 'make photographs' and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from doing so.

The best part of the day though (besides many hours not having to change diapers or be screamed at) was getting to hang out with the lovely and talented YoJo. We have been great friends for years now, and haven't been able to spend a lot of time together lately. It was a treat to enjoy each others company and remember why we are such good friends in the first place.

So here's a toast to quality time spent with friends, and time spent enjoying your passion. Now drink up!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No, I haven't had one. But it has been one of my most favorite shows this summer (as well as So You Think You Can Dance, of course). Plus Luke Perry seems much more appealing now than he did in 1990.
The basic premise is that a group of people win the lottery, about 20 million each, and how their lives change. Proving along the way, that money can't buy you happiness...or can it??!

You can't watch the show without thinking, 'What would I do with millions of dollars?'.
I usually can't think of anything too spectacular. And since I never play, it's not like I'm going to win anytime soon.

But, the question remains. What would you do with millions of dollars?
I think most of us would take care of our extended families, charities, kids education etc...blah,blah...but what would you do for yourself?

I think this would be a fun question to revisit, as it may change. Right now, I would say (not necessarily in order:

  1. Hire a good babysitter
  2. Spend a weekend away with Charming Husband
  3. Spend a weekend away by myself perhaps at a spa where I would sleep, have a massage, sleep, eat some delicious food, sleep, and sleep some more. Did I mention sleep?
  4. Buy a new wardrobe from top to bottom. Inside out. That's right. New. Get rid of the old crap and new, new, new.

I guess that's about where my head is right now. Not saving Africa, or orphans. At least not first. Just some time away from my kids, a little pampering and shopping. Not that any of things are totally out of reach now, it's just easier to do and less guilt with unlimited resources.

Oh, and maybe a brand new house...with a personal chef...and a cleaning lady...and a personal trainer....maybe a pool, no a spa...!

What would you do?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Valderie, Valderah....

We got home late last night from our long weekend in Golden. It always feels like we are just relaxing and having a really good time, and it's time to go home.

This weekend we managed to go for our first family hike. The boys got to ride for most of the 2K in their trusty chariot, but the last 300m or so was a smaller, rooty trail through the woods. On the way down to our destination CH and I each carried a toddler on our shoulders until we got to the viewpoint. The view was a small clearing in the trees which overlooked the falls. Quite spectacular since you really saw no hint of them along the trail. We had a bit of a snack picnic at the outlook and headed back through the trees. The boys did not want to be carried this time, and insisted on walking back themselves (to the chariot, not the car!). They were great little hikers.
And we almost made it back to the trailhead before we ran into a big line of about 20 ATV's getting ready to head out on the same trail. There's nothing like the hum of motor vehicles to really get in touch with nature!

Charming Husband also had his first foray into kayaking on the Kicking Horse River with my dad. From the beaming smiles on their soaking wet faces I'd say it was a success.

This morning the kids and I are feeling the pains of being back home again with just each other and no one else to play with.
How many days until the next long weekend?!!

p.s. photos are from our last adventure weekend...still no camera

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don't Try This at Home

Let me just say first that I like my hairdresser. I like her as a person, and I think she's a good hairdresser.
BUT, and you know there was one...ever since I got my hair cut a few weeks back my hair has been ugly every day. The ONLY thing that doesn't look completely horrible is a ponytail. Which Charming Husband happens to love. However, the point of having your hair done is to look cute and sexy in a hair-down touselled or straight and sleek kind of way. I got it a bit shorter than usual which I don't mind, and a bit darker on the highlites, which I also don't mind. But something went wrong in the mix and I have dreaded 'Mom hair'. Not cute and sexy, but plain and practical looking.

I don't consider myself super high maintenance normally, but I definitely have less time to spend on looking hot, or even reasonable most days. But I find lately even if I do make the effort, it's to no avail. Something is missing. I fear I may have lost my edge. Whatever edge I may have had.

So I try to deal with it the only way I know how. Cutting it myself. Not big cuts or anything, just a bit here and there, a trim on the side, and what are my bangs doing? This has gone on for many days now. If I'm not careful I may end up like this which is so far from this.

Maybe I just need to wait it out a bit longer.
I am so un-rockstar right now.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It Takes Two Baby

There are lots of things that come along with having two babies at the same time. Some good, some less good, as I will let you fill in the blanks.
The advantage for them is that they always have a friend and companion. I hope that they will always be close and appreciate each other as brothers. They have never been apart and while they have different personalities and talents, they can pull together and strengthen each other. Hopefully using their powers for good and not just to torment their poor mother (me).

On the other hand, they also have someone to fight with. Yes, they are not quite a year and a half yet, but they fight alright. Generally over toys. As toddlers they really don't understand 'share' although they manage to work it out most of the time. The Bee shares much better than the Bug, but there is give and take. This morning it is all take. I have a cold, and a headache and they have spent the morning screaming at each other. Over what you ask?? A beloved toy? A favorite softie? A fascinating book?

An empty container with a plastic lid.

I finally had to take it away. The screaming has subsided somewhat, but not my headache. I'm afraid to think what will happen when they really have something to fight over!

This photo is of a younger, quieter time. And the Bug looks a little drunk.
Oh happy days...

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Boys and Cars

Ok, again with the previously taken photographs. I mean New To You!
We had a superfun playdate a few weeks back with our pal R. at Jump'n'Java. The Bug and the Bee loooooved the little drive around cars, and stayed in them almost the whole time we were there.
Thanks to IlaBoBila for the photos!