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Motherhood Series - Mardi

Mardi (the oldest of my two younger sisters) lives across the country so we don't see each other nearly enough.
Mardi has a compelling fearlessness to do whatever she sets her mind to. She'll just jump in and tackle the challenge.
If she's never done it before, no problem! Sew a wedding dress? She can do that. Help run a driving school? She can do that. Get married and instantly become a parent to two kids? She takes care of it (them). Home school those kids for a couple of years. She can do that too! Renovate and decorate a 100 year old stone house? No problem.
It's inspiring to to see that kind of attitude. And imagine what we could accomplish if we just did it! (I've always been the type to timidly stick my toe in and see if I'm gonna like it first. Heaven forbid I try something I'm not good at. Before I even try it!)
Mardi works hard to take care of her family, and plays hard to pursue her passions and enjoy her life. She's determined and talented and wonderfully driven! She's open and full of enthusiasm.
Love you!

1. Tell us about yourself!
(ie. if you'd like to include age or whether you were a younger mom, or waited a while, how many kids do you have, stay at home or work...etc)
I am 33years old. I love to create and work with my hands. I am not generally afraid to try something, which has lead me beyond sewing, to making jewelry and even a pair of shoes. I was a very young mom. I married at 21 and instantly was a step-mom to a 7 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. Both Zac and Kierstan were living with us full time before our first anniversary. Was I ready, not even close. We all had a lot of learning and growing to do. A little more than two years after we were married we were fortunate enough to adopt Parker. Now that the older two are on their own, and I just have my 10 year old boy, I still feel like I have a lot to learn. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home, but I am always busy. I help hubby run his driving school, but I also sew for a number of people lately.

2. What were your expectations of motherhood before you had kids?

I always said I wanted eight kids. That was never a question. A part of me was sad when I realized I was not going to get that, but I now know the Lord knew I would be overwhelmed by that many children.

3. What has been(was) your biggest surprise about Motherhood?

My biggest surprise was how hard it was to let go. Every time the kids would go to their Mom's house, as the older two grew and left home, as Parker started school. Hubby always calls me a mother hen, because I just want to keep my chicks close, and protect them.

4. Biggest joy?

My biggest joy is determined by the moment. I love the milestones of my kids. Zac graduating basic training in the Air Force, Kierstan Finishing High School and going on to learn to be a baker, Parker getting Baptized. Those are the most recent joys for each of them.

5. Best wish for your children?

I wish they find happiness, and find their place in the world.

6. How do you find time for yourself/what do you do?

Now that Parker is in school, I have most of my days to myself. When hubby leaves to do driving lessons, my days are my own. I set aside a day for me, so I can work on what I want. It is those days that I get to try new things. I love to sew, make jewelry and the newest project is to play shoemaker.

7. What do you wish you had more of? Less of?
I wish I had more patience with my kids, but more so that we had more memory building moments. I wish we had less worries of the things of the world.

8. What do you hope your kids learn from you?

I hope that my kids learn from me, that there is more than one way to do things. Just because others say it should be done a certain way, does not mean it is the only way. Persistence will usually get us where we want to be.

9. What are some of the best things you learned from your own mother?

Firstly, that which I hope my kids learn from me. I also learned the importance of family. We are never alone when we have family. Together we are strong. I learned that I get to choose the kind of woman I want to be. I am the only one who gets to decide how I react to anything in my life.

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