Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Tooth Out

This boy had a wobbly tooth for the longest time! Weeks and weeks! At one point I'd forgotten about it and thought maybe he'd just imagined it.

But finally he'd wiggled it to where it was just hanging there. For days it just hung there.
And then one night while I wasn't home, he just pulled that sucker out! Whew. Finally! But I didn't even get to see it. It's the first tooth out at our house. A big event!

We managed to talk the tooth fairy into leaving the tiny tooth behind so I could take a few photos. Document the physical evidence, in case there is ever any doubt ;)

And speaking of the tooth fairy...you may have heard rumors...yes, the Tooth Fairy DID INDEED leave $20 for the teeny tooth which she didn't even take. WHAT?? I KNOW!!
It seems the Tooth Fairy could not find $5 or a toonie. Did the Tooth Fairy forget how many more teeth and mouths there are yet to come?? At least we have determined it is the rate for a first tooth only.
So I guess the moral of this story is, kids plan wisely and pull those teeth out when Mom's not home!


Daisy Patch said...

I'll bet he is super excited!

Jamie said...

Ha ha - nice precedent! :) I love the pics!!!