Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Another week gone already. I normally think of November as a rather blah month, but we've been so busy it has been flying by.

There have been several projects going on in the twomittens household. First of all we've decided to list our house again. Mr. Mittens has been hard at work finishing our basement. He did our bathroom in a matter of days and it looks fantastic. Now he has moved on to painting it all. We've used our basement as a play space for the kids, but it's sure going to look nice when it's done. For some one else to enjoy...
Another project along with that is putting up more photos and artwork on the walls. We have a lot of photos to choose from, which may be the problem. I have such a difficult time trying to decide what to put up.
As far as Christmas, I want to make stockings for our family this year. In the meantime I was involved with a project making 25 stockings for other families. That went well, so now I just have to finish ours.
Anyway...a few more things in the works and odds and ends around the house. I promise to post more interesting photos as they are completed. And more updates to come.

On the plus side, I got to get out of town for a couple of days on the weekend. It's crazy how something so simple as spending a few hours shopping with girlfriends is such a rare and precious time. Even though we talked about them and shopped for them, not actually having kids with us was such a treat!

One month 'til Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I have a lot of great memories of spending time with my grandparents as a kid. I'm so happy that my kids have the chance to enjoy time with their grandparents as well. I will probably be living in a home by the time I'm a grandma, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.
We're lucky that both sets of grandparents live close enough to visit and we had a chance to spend the day with Nana and Papa not too long ago.
I think they are hiding from kitties here, and you can certainly see a family resemblance, as well as a shared look of mischief!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Because I Need Another Project...

I have recently become smitten with this. I haven't tried anything yet, but how could I not?!
And I find this quite delightful too. I'll just add that to my list...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sew What? Part 3

My sewing machine has actually been taking a break. I think it needs a tune up. Which is just as well since I have many other projects on the go at the moment. November is proving to be a very busy month.
But I still have done a bit of sewing. Like pants. Which I have to say are not nearly as exciting to sew, but very practical. My kids are kind of tall and on the skinny side, so it's difficult to find pants that stay up, but are long enough. Tough problem, I know. (from someone on the less tall side who normally has to hem my pants for being too long)

I also had been saving some sweet Amy Butler fabric for something 'special'. I decided it that this dress on my Babe was pretty special.
And this is my attempt at a more 'natural' fiber look. I'm not sure if I'm crazy about it.
There are so many styles I'm inspired by. Lovely natural fiber-y clothes. Simple but colorful, more modern styles. And also super feminine, girly clothes.
I'm not terribly inspired by boys clothes, but there are a few things out there. Part of the reason for that is my boys have become quite particular about what they will wear. Depending on the day. But I do have some plans for Christmas, so we'll see how that all goes...
Oh, and legwarmers. I found a tutorial for making legwarmers from knee socks. I LOVE IT!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

For Your Christmas List

You may remember a while back when I won this fabulous giveaway over at Tutus and Turtles. I know it's been a while, but I thought it was worth mentioning the generous contributors once again in case you need some help with your Christmas List. Everything came in the mail without any problem, from across the US and even from Canada (hooray!). I would definitely recommend ordering any of these products online as there were no problems with shipping. Easy shopping!
(ok, because I am a bit slow with the technology I can't figure out how to post web photos with my mac...I used to know how with my old pc...so linkety links it will have to be)

This bracelet from Bubbalucas is so sweet. It came in a perfect little heart pocket. I could tell a lot of care and attention went into this handmade gift. And Jeanine was delightful.

Redfish Kids is a great Canadian/Vancouver company. I ordered some of the outfits for The Babe in slightly larger sizes so she can wear them in the spring, even though this pretty is for New Year's Eve! Also great packaging.

I have to admit that I was quite excited about the Pediped shoes. And I have to say, they are just as adorable as I thought they would be. You can buy these in the city too, which is always good for trying on. Love them! (these boots weren't available, but I'm going to keep my eye out for them too-LOVE)

Ladybugs and Lilypads have a large selection of beautiful products. The Birthday Cake and the Smoothie Set are just adorable, and well made. They are nice to hold and lots of creative fun.

How Fast They Grow has a lot of lovely scrapbooking templates, but don't ship to Canada yet. I will be checking back in early 2009.

All of these Zooni hats are so delightful! Great packaging and prompt mailing. They are just such fun hats to wear. Flower Power!

Hey Shabby Baby! I don't know what's cuter, the dress or the little model. This is another pretty we're saving for spring.

And what's cooler than being seen on Oprah? Promom Couture. I'm sure I'm way cooler with this T than I am without! It's really soft cotton and nicely fitted.

There are lots of goodies at Present By Design but I picked out something nice for myself. I love this pendant and it came in the greatest package. Get one for youself!

With so many girlie gifts, I felt the need to pick out something for my little boys. On the rare occasion that they change out of Spiderman.
Lark and Loon have some superfun T-shirts. Ruff! It came in a handy reusable bag.
And some fun stuff for the tiny rebel in your life, Rebel Ink. And this fits my Bug to a tee!

Aveda, Aveda, Aveda! This is good stuff. Especially for a Bee with exczema. But it's really just nice for everyone. Scented, unscented, all gentle. I'm pretty picky about scents. I have a sensitive nose/allergies. My favorite scent though is the Calming Comfort Lavender Vanilla. It smells like fresh, clean babies!

And finally Princess Tots Boutique. Who can resist a princess in a tutu? Not me. I love the matching hat and bracelet. Fit for a princess!

Thanks again to everyone, and especially to Holly at Tutus and Turtles. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Baby Girl 17 Months

I think I will continue updating in months for her for a while yet. Everything is still changing so fast.
This past month The Babe has been enjoying her baby dolls. Girls are truly different from boys. Not in all ways, but it's fun to see her girliness. She still wants to play with the big boys, which usually means a lot of squealing and squawking from her. Also girlie. In protest. Being the baby sister is a tough job sometimes.
Things are going spectacularly well in the sleep dept. HURRAY! I have cherished some of those late night snuggles, but sleeping through the night is a relief.
She continues to make progress in communication. Making her desires known. Fairly loudly. She's also good with the kisses and every night at bedtime goes to daddy for hugs and blows him kisses.
She loves to talk on the 'phone'. Which may mean any hand held object. Hello...hello!
Although she did manage to lock Daddy's cell phone. And the password is her secret.
The Babe has also taken to lying on the ground, crying and kicking when the mood hits her. It's tough to take her too seriously. Although I'm sure she wishes we would.

44 Months

I'm pitifully behind on this update. I'm thinking very seriously about changing the way I update the kids. Does anyone really care when they are 412 months old? Maybe just a recap monthly? It's not drastically different, but we'll see...
I'm also going to try and post more of the little things they do and say more regularly, so I don't forget as much.

ANYHOW. 44 months was definitely about dressing up and superheroes. Spiderman specifically, but not exclusively. It all started with little pirate bandanas that become makeshift capes, and then I made capes, and then the Spiderman outfits (I did not make). Which were worn 24/7 starting at the end of September. And yes, we did have two pairs (4 pairs) as washing them became an issue.
We considered getting fancier costumes to wear for Halloween, but for me, having them wear the same outfits they'd been loving for weeks already, felt more authentic. The great thing about being 3 is just loving something so much you want to wear it, play with it, eat it, watch it every day. They have very strong feelings on what to wear, what to eat (or not eat), what to play, when to sleep, lights, toys, what they will or will not do, each other, and their feelings (I'm mad!). This can be a bit trying at times (exasperating), but luckily it's also easy to laugh with/at them!

And now on to November...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Ever Versatile Snowflake

Last night The Bee was thrilled to discover it was snowing. Ah, the joy of little kids (much less thrilled myself).
He stood excitedly at the back door and turned on the outside light to watch the perfect fluffy flakes falling and swirling around.

"It's snowing! It's snowing!
Stars! They're stars!
They sparkle!
You can eat them...!"

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tricks 'N' Treats

You may notice a theme here...
I think we had the best Halloween ever. We had so much fun getting ready this year in the days and weeks leading up to the actual event.
I've always thought dressing up was fun, but watching my kids completely enjoy it was great fun. All the little kids are adorable.
We live in a great little cul-de-sac so we don't have too much traffic, and the kids can just go to a few neighbors (who spoil them rotten).
AND it was the most fantastic weather I ever remember on Halloween.
Now we just have to find a way to get rid of all that candy...

**another mom gave me a great tip that I had never thought of before - you can take your 'extra' candy and fill little goodie bags (like 5 pieces each) and give them to a Woman's shelter (somewhere with kids) to spread the love around a bit!