Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby Girl 7 Months

Amid all the chaos and fun The Babe is officially 7 months old.
It has been a busy month. She has 4 teeth and another one trying to break through. She is eating solid food. She likes cereal and fruit of course, the orange veg such as sweet potatoes, squash and carrots, but definitely did not like green beans or the weird meaty stuff I tried to give her. She spit that right up. I don't blame her. It was gross. (the health nurse suggested we try some proteins early on)

And I think I may have mentioned that she was sleeping better...I can't remember because it was so short lived and I don't remember anything due to my continual sleep deprivation. I blame the teeth. She is napping so much better during the day (not just a cat-napper anymore) but she usually wakes up several times a night. I don't have the heart or the energy to let her cry it out. But that day may come!

She is on the move now. Not exactly crawling, but scootching. Mostly backwards. If you don't keep an eye on her she will disappear under the couch.
And her arms seem to have grown oddly long, as they reach out and grab things out of nowhere. Fast. Grabby little baby hands getting stuff you didn't think she could get.

She is still a little ray of sunshine most of the time. She is smiley and happy and loves to be
tickled and talked to.

Did I mention I love this age? If I could I'd keep her this way for just a while longer. Kind of like Maggie Simpson. Sweet and cuddly without any tantrums or backtalk. And chubby little cheeks you can chew on for days.
Absolutely scrumptious!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

34 Months

It feels like the past month has gone by quite quickly. I guess that's what happens when you're life is a bit of a blur...
We've been having fun lately getting ready for Christmas. Helping Daddy put up lights, listening to music, decorating and getting together with friends.

The Bee loves to sing more than ever and Jingle Bells seems to be one of his favorites. I think because it's easy. We heard him down in his room the other day singing away, jingle bells, jingle bells. So cute.He's also a pretty talented athlete. The boys have a little hockey set and The Bee is good at hitting balls and pucks with his stick. He's also a somewhat prone to just swinging his stick at whatever happens to be around. The first rule of hockey is that you don't hit your brother with your stick. Or anyone else.

The Bug likes to get into small spaces and hide. He'll push the hockey nets together and 'hide' in between them. As much as you can hide in a net. He also likes to hide in our little coffee table box. He takes his blanket and his cars and curls up. But then The Bee closes the lid on him and he gets stuck inside. The first rule of hiding in small places, is don't lock your brother inside.

Both boys jabber on a lot, but The Bee still chatters on more so. He seems to have problems with 'r's and he will often omit them completely from a word.
He loves to watch the 'G*inch', eat 'g*apes' and 't*eats', he likes the 'Ch*istmas T*ee' and G*amma and G*ampa'.

Last night we were putting decorations on the tree. I had put up some of the more breakable ones higher up, but we had a bunch of beaded kid friendly ones for the boys. The had such a good time putting them on the tree I wish I had more.
The Bug was especially good at it and put them on very carefully, mostly on the same two branches. He is very meticulous that one. He's a little OCD like his father. Yikes.
To illustrate, I got them both a jingle bell on a string. The Bee happily put his around his neck. The Bug put his on the tree. The Bee kept taking it off the tree which made The Bug terribly upset. He had to go and carefully put it back each time (and repeat). It's hard to have a brother sometimes!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Candy Cane Crack Heads

Today feel like the real first day of Christmas around here. CH put up the tree last night (while I was at book club) with all the pretty lights. We still need to decorate, but it's so pretty.
This morning The Bee was excited to see the tree but kept saying we need a star. I'm not sure why he thinks we do, but he's right we do.
The Bug exclaimed upon see the tree for the first time...TURN IT OFF...???

We made our first trip today to see Santa with the help of our own elves, Grandma and Grandpa.
I had low expectation and I was not disappointed! The Bee played it shy and sad while The Bug was just totally uncooperative. Except for helping himself to candy canes. And somehow I ended up in the photo. Uhg. I should have just had The Babe with Santa. They were cute.
And no, no pictures will be shown here although I did get a sheet printed so I can use it against the boys later. Ha!
We still managed to have a fun time with Grandma and Grandpa though.

And then this afternoon I made a final attempt to get a group photo with all 3 kids. In a stroke of brilliance I bribed them with candy canes. It wasn't exactly a glaring success, but not a total failure either. I'll post some more photos, but here is one out-take.

Then after the kids were all cracked up on 'the good stuff' they were giggling and gettin' sticky and singing Jingle Bells through dinner...note the crazed look in his eyes... and the goop in his hair...

p.s. No babies were actually cranked up in the making of these photos. I just let her eat the plastic.
p.s.s. No babies actually ate any plastic either.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More Elf

Just for fun here's the same shot below with different actions/effects...
(ok, maybe it's just fun for me)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Saturday, December 08, 2007

More Textures


This 'glamorous' shot was taken in the doorway of the van...the breeze was a perfect hair fan...

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Mostly I hate winter.
And most of the time winter is a barren, brown, ugly bleakness, or a brown, muddy, slushy chinook-ness. And while a bright sunny day lighting up the snow can be beautiful it is rarely that picturesque. the midst of our deep freeze right now I can't help but feel a little misty magic in the frosty wonderland. On the rare occasion that I venture outside.

And just try to say hoar frost without laughing. I can't.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Things The Bee has tried or successfully 'snuck' downstairs:
(these two go together as he has figured out that anything deemed as 'boken' can be fixed with a screwdriver and batteries)

utility knife (can't open by himself thankfully)

peppermint extract
maple extract
(which he emptied on the carpet...and while not the worst smell in the world, mixed with spotshot mingles to form a weird medicinal/soapy/cookie smell that is not appealing. and made a very dark stain)

and today....a spaghetti squash...go figure

It seems the pantry is his current 'go-to' place.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby Girl Stats

One of the events this weekend was shots for the baby girl. 4 stabs in total (including a flu shot) OUCH! Not happy.
The boys also got a flu shot and for the first time they seemed to remember that the little clinic room was not a happy place. They tried to escape. Not happy.

Regardless we got it done and the worst was over pretty quickly. And I had my flu shot last time. I sure hope this helps!

Now, I told you I thought Baby Girl was tall. At 27inches she is in the 90%. And with her weight combined (15.6lbs) she is in the 10%. So even with her yummy chubby thighs she is considered tall and thin-ish.
We've started on cereal which is going quite well and there are plans for veg and meats in the very near future. Yum! (ok, it looks gross, but whatever)

AND...she has another tooth through. It seems that all the crankiness and fussing was for a reason. I feel bad when I only realize this after the fact. Top right side poking through.

AND now that it is through (the tooth) and she is over her cold...SHE SLEEPS!!
Not always right through the night, but longer. And more often. And when she is cranky and fussy I put her in her bed AND SHE FALLS ASLEEP. Often.
Do I need to explain how exciting this is?
I think you get my drift...!!

p.s. trying out new photoshop actions on photos...much to learn...these ones are vintage...supposed to look old!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Party Party Party

Whew! 3 parties in 3 days. Fun but exhausting.
The kid party for CH's work was amazing as always. It's unbelievable.

We started out a bit rocky...
(he put himself in there)

But soon we were eating and crafting and having a wonderful time!

And again the gifts were fabulous. We let the boys unwrap them and told them they could play at home. That was it. They wanted to go home.

They had the biggest smiles on their faces as they hauled the boxes out to the van.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Where Was I...?

I too have been suffering from brain scatter. I'm all over the place. I can't focus. I'm trying to maintain several different thoughts in my head and IT'S NOT WORKING.
I'm trying to learn some new photography things and just get some photos up on our walls. You'd think that would be easy enough.
And read a book.
And we're hosting a get-together and getting shots and attending 2 kids Christmas parties this weekend. Which is fun, but requires planning and organization.
And mostly it's just the usual 'I go to get something out of the cupboard and get distracted by the laundry which needs stain spray and then somebody cries or gets into something and I want to check my email, is that toast I smell burning?'.
The more I get involved in my head focusing on a project the less attention I can pay to what the kids are up to. Or what they want for lunch. And the more laundry and bathing and cleaning floors I have to do, the less I can concentrate on anything interesting.
It's a vicious circle for me.

I need a fabulous haircut. Have you seen my glasses? How do I load this action in photoshop? What size prints do I want? Is that a cheerio over there? Should I make meatballs?

I'm not sure where I was going with this....

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Baby Girl 6 Months

In the past month The Babe has really been checking out the gear. Rather than using me as her only entertainment, she has fun in the jolly jumper, her exersaucer, her bumbo chair and her swing.
6 months is such a happy baby age. And The Babe is a pretty happy baby. She's not moving around much yet but I'm not complaining. Once they figure out they can move they never sit still again!

And she's still not a great sleeper, although I think we're making some progress. Maybe? I'm too tired to remember...

The Babe and her brothers are still getting along quite well although they have tried a few times to steal her toys away. The Bee likes to inspect any new toy or baby gadget that comes in the house and may then claim it as his own. The Bug will just grab toys away from her. She is going to have to get tough with those brothers. I suspect it's just a matter of time before she is running the show anyway.
Overall The Babe is getting more curious about her world and watching everything going on around her. That cute little hand that used to rest on my chest now grabs my hair or sticks her fingers in my mouth. She laughs when I 'bite' them.
She has been a bit fussy again in the evenings, but is happy to go out and visit or just shop at the grocery store.

Mostly she is sweet and adorable and lots of fun!
(Oh, except for the deafening cat-like screeching that will make your ears bleed, but I'm sure that's just a phase...)

Friday, November 23, 2007

33 Months

Hmmm...let's see what's been going on the past month.
Halloween was fun, of course. And then came the sniffles and coughing, barfing, etc etc. Don't worry, no pictures of that.
The boys continue to develop their own personalities in so many ways. It's sometimes hilarious and also a bit scary at times.

The Bee continues to be sneaky and then will act all innocent when you catch him with something. He likes to take things out of the utility drawer (screwdriver, batteries, utility knife) and try to sneak them down to his room when he thinks you're not looking. Then when he's busted he'll hand it over with a look of 'oops I don't know how this got here and I was just going to bring it to you since obviously I shouldn't have this'.

The Bee has also been developing his new love of singing. It's soo cute. He may not know the words, but he is happy to sing along with songs on a video or music. He likes the songs from Cars and The Bear Necessities. And sometimes Old MacDonald. So funny!
He's such a people person.

The Bug continues to be somewhat more introverted. He can play well with others, but he will often be quite content to play with his cars. His vocabulary is getting quite good, but he talks a lot less than his brother. Maybe he's happy to let him do the talking, but maybe he can't get a word in edgewise!
He's really good at puzzles and coloring. He loves a good chase. And if you ask him for a hug he will give you a kiss. Or at least make a good kissing sound in your direction.

Little by little they are both becoming more independent. Although neither one can get himself dressed yet. Just too much work? All those arm holes and leg holes.
The Bug continues to be more particular about what he wears. He has a favorite pair of shoes.
The Bee likes his boots best.

They both love to go for rides in the van and play outside, and are crazy about their daddy.