Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Edgar Family

LOVE these people! Loved this shoot.


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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hudson Family

It's true. I have often suffered from Photographers Weather Envy. I look at sites where the sun is always shining and everyone is running on the beach looking gloriously sun-kissed. And I look out the window at the cold grey landscape, and sigh...

However, I am determined to work with what we have. Right here in front of us.
Which leads me to this shoot. It was somewhere near -30 with the windchill. We only had one little window of opportunity to get this entire family together. And so we just did it!
(I think of it as gorilla photography sometimes, just facing challenges of the landscape and making it work. No fluffy clouds or sunny beaches for us! Feeling in your extremities? That's for pansies!)

The Hudson's were great sports. And look, they are often even smiling through their frostbite!
And I love love love the whirling snow. And the mittens and parkas. And this is life. Where we live. And this is a great family. And I'm a tiny bit less afraid of having teenagers if they all look this good!
And I'm starting to get feeling back in my trigger finger...awesome!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oh My Deers

We've spent most of the week at home. Snow snow and more snow. Of course cabin fever starts setting in after a few days, but it wasn't all bad. Maybe because it's the first big snow. And towards the end of the week I totally gave in to it all and we pulled out the decorations, the Christmas music and I made gingerbread cake (which no one seems to like nearly as much as I do...I must make that one again!).

I like to think of the deer in our yard as our pets. Pets that feed themselves and look after themselves and never come in the house. We're always happy to see them. There is a doe with twins that I'm especially fond of. It's fun to see them now all in their winter woolies!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bokeh Bokeh Bokeh!

The kids and I were playing with lights outside the other day. There is something quite addicting and gratifying about those colorful little dots. I don't know if this qualifies as an actual 'project' but it was for sure an activity we all enjoyed. I love it when that happens!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bowl of Yum

For my birthday Mr. Mittens and I went to a wonderful veggie restaurant called Nourish. It came highly recommended by friends and we loved it. They have an outstanding nachos platter that comes with a varied combination of toppings ranging from beans to strawberries and everything you can think of in between. We also had the shepherds pie which was another unusual but delicious combination. And it's all yummy together. I highly recommend eating there too. YUM.

So, I still have difficulty at times (often) finding a tasty vegan meal that everyone will eat. Without bribes or threats. So I decided to 'channel' my experience at Nourish and make my own combinations. And I love it.
Basically you take quinoa, or brown rice or whatever and add as many fun 'toppings' as you like and add a fun sauce and there you have it!

Here's my 'taco salad'.
chopped apple
lettuce or spinach
pinapple tidbits
red pepper
black olives
peach salsa
raw cashew cream
taco chips crunched on top or on the side

Sounds kinda weird, but the fruit and vegetable flavors just taste light and slightly sweet.We like the sweet salsa too, but any kind will do. The kids love to pick their own toppings and individualize. The Bug said he felt like a chef. The Bee raved about how good his dinner was. Score one for mom!

The key for me is the cashew cream. I've read several recipes which all are a variation of putting raw cashews in a blender with a few other ingredients.
I use about a cup of cashews, a cup of almond milk, whiz it up and then change it up to suit my taste. Like lime juice and cilantro. Or taco seasoning. We're not huge garlic fans but a little garlic, basil and oregano and drizzle on a pizza (again I've been letting the kids pick toppings on a flat naan or pita bread). The creamy texture is very satisfying and you can heat it in the oven (I LOVE real sour cream, but it does not love me back).

I also love asian rice bowls.
brown rice
edemame beans
crunched nori sheets or dulse (I'm trying to love sea vegetables)
chopped or shredded carrots
sesame seeds
wasabi sauce drizzled on top (equal amounts water, braggs, maple syrup with a squeeze of wasabi paste, to taste)

I just thought I'd share, since it's not often I get such an enthusiastic response (that doesn't involve cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets).

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Sweet Alexandra

Have I ever mentioned how I love babies this age?! Pure sunshine!


Monday, November 01, 2010

Hey Ho Halloween's Here

The kids and I had so much fun with Halloween this year, and now I'm glad it's done! This weekend we went to a couple of parties, including our first Trunk or Treat, we got to have great fun with friends, and then a bit of ol' fashioned Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood. We missed our friends in our old neighborhood, but the real treat for me was watching a certain little panda tail wiggle and wag as she ran after her brothers. A great fun weekend but now I need a break before we start on Christmas! And yes, the Candy Man has come and gone, trading treats for new toothbrushes and other non-edibles. Whew!

Special Project - Eva

Oh she is scrumptious!!