Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bee 4 Years

Oh my goodness this child is all about the drama. He creates it where none exists. His own drama follows him around. I've never seen anyone carry on like this boy. He loves to talk, although he can be quite shy. He likes to talk about everything. He's creative. He's smart. He's energetic. He likes to snuggle at bedtime. He likes to be independent. He's strong and has an excellent throwing arm. He throws stuff ALL THE TIME. He loves food. He's a happy carnivore and likes steak. He loves playing superheros and jumping off of things. He's loud. He gives the best hugs. If you tell him you love him, he will tell you he loves you too. He doesn't like the dark. He loves playing in the snow. He loves to interact with people (when he's not being shy). He's silly. He is helpful with his little sister. He argues with his little sister (the drama). He can be a delicate flower. He can be very helpful. He's very aware. He loves candy. Did I mention he's dramatic? He loves Spiderman. He likes to go places. He's exhausting. He can spot snacks on the top shelf. He's very happy when he's not terribly unhappy. He's wild and sweet and life is never dull with him around!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Bug 4 Years

Ah, my Bug. At 4 years old.
He likes to be funny. He almost always tells me he doesn't like his dinner, but he almost always eats it eventually. He loves apples. He likes water. He loves cars, especially blue Dinocos at the moment. He's mechanically minded. He's great at puzzles. He loves cute little babies. He loves hearing stories. He doesn't like going to bed. If you tell him you love him, he might say 'thank you'. He's very friendly with new people and not shy. He tends to keep things to himself a little bit. He loves cereal. He spends most of every day playing with his brother. He's a thinker. He makes funny faces to make his sister laugh. He has great hair. He likes a good chase. He's a bit lighter and gentler than his brother. He has trouble sharing his favorite things. He can be helpful, but will usually try to get his brother to do it first. He can play well by himself, but gets lonely without his brother. He's really good at climbing things. He's a whirlwind in his sleep.
I love to hold his sweet little hand in mine. And listen to his quiet snores when he's sleeping.
And I love being his mom.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Slice of Sunshine

I love pink grapefruit. I love the color. The smell. And the taste. Probably in that order. Sometimes I will see a something that is just the most wonderful, delightful color and it makes me happy.
It's snowing again.
I have a miserable cold.
It's still February.
I think I need some grapefruit therapy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Monster Mash

As promised... sweet little boys!
I don't totally understand it, but I accept that part of being a boy (any age) includes this particular delight in smashing stuff.

Snow Baby

Well he took his time, but this little man finally did arrive. Perfect little fingers and toes. So snugly and sweet!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sometimes It's Hard To Be A Boy

The Bee has been doing a tremendous job with potty training. He's barely even had an accident. He even makes it through the night most times. He's a pro.
But today he had a bit of a mishap.
He announced with great gusto (in the middle of eating dinner) that he had better go potty. Or he might pee a little bit. (?)
So he ran to the bathroom.


A voice calls out from the bathroom,

'But Mommy I peed on the floor a little bit'.
(or a lot as it turned out)

Pause. More quiet.

'And on my face.'

Turns out he experienced quite the fountain effect.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

4th Birthday Boys

I'm not 4 years old, but I think the boys had a pretty great day...

We started the day with a special breakfast, the most delicious banana pancakes ever! (served with french vanilla yogurt)
Food always makes us happy...then we spent rest of the morning decorating with red balloons and ribbons. I made the kids valentine/birthday crowns (idea from The Creative Family, of course). I'm really happy with how they turned out. And the kids don't even mind wearing them.

Then they helped me make a yummy birthday cake. By 'help' I mean they clean the bowl for me. The Bee likes to be veeery thorough.

Then after lunch the boys headed out with Daddy to see the Monster Trucks. So fun! And yes it was loud, and yes they spent the second half climbing stairs and exploring the 'nose-bleed' seats. But they did get to see the Batman truck and The Monster Mutt. And eat popcorn. Hurray! (more photos to follow)

Then home for a family dinner with a grande finale of cake and ice cream. I made them each a cake this year (ok, I cut one in half) so they'd each feel special and then we all ate as much as we could. Which was a lot!

And then with one Baby in bed and two tired boys falling asleep, Mr. Charming and I went out for the evening!
(Um yes, we had a babysitter)
I really enjoy having my Valentine Boys and it was a treat to get out with my hubby too. Such a fun day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Valentines

I know some people hate Valentines Day and I get that. But over here, we're all about the love! The red, the hearts, the sweet, the surprise, the food, the fun...
I often find myself wishing I had more 'serious' portraits of the kids, but it doesn't get any more real than this.
Lots more birthday photos to follow, but I couldn't resist these faces.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Girl 20 Months

Sweet and Salty is the perfect description for The Babe these days. She is a woman of contrasts! She's up, she's down, she's giggling then she's giving you stink-eye, she's slapping you in the face and pinching your arm, and then she's patting you on the head and giving you kisses. You are just never sure what you'll get! Actually, I have some idea...

And she is busy. Busy busy. And fast. She likes to grab hold of something and whip it off the counter, or wherever she can get her hands on it. I think she takes it as her personal challenge to be faster than the rest of us so she can 'get stuff'. Or empty the linen drawer. I think she's working on a personal best. I admit it's tough for The Babe, with 2 big brothers and a mom who's always wrecking her fun.

She especially likes to hang out in my room/closet/bathroom while I have a shower. Now I am thankful just to get a shower, but she does have a tendency to pull everything out of my drawers and out from under the sink, and put on anything she can find in the closet. It's always 'fun' to see what she'll find my underwear on her head...
She also likes to stand on the tub(shelf) while I wash my face and brush my teeth. She likes the running water and will 'wash' her face and hair with a bit of a splash. Then she likes to finish up with a big slobber-spit on the mirror. Her trademark finish.

The Miss likes to take her milk in the pink sippy cup while relaxing in her lounger.

But she is still the yummiest, funniest, craziest, most lovely little Babe. Spit and all.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Chocolate Bomb

You may love me for this, or hate me...
I found this recipe via Scribbit the other day...5 Minute Chocolate a mug!
And Holy Crap, it works like a charm. We used big mugs and made 2 to share between 4 of us and it's very dense and rich. I used one less tablespoon of oil in the second one and didn't notice a difference. But I did add a small handful of chocolate chips to the batter which was pure my opinion! Danger. I didn't take a photo, but it came out of the mug just fine and was all dark, chocolatey, mound-like. The bomb.

And this is a recipe via The Crafty Crow. I haven't made them yet, but I girlfriend of mine highly recommends a similar version using Rolo pieces instead of chocolate kisses and nuts instead of M&M's. I think either way would be delightful. Sweet and salty. Amen!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

47 Months

Almost 4!
It feels like an exciting time. The boys are learning a lot and communicating much better than they ever have before. They are getting more independent, getting dressed by themselves (sometimes with a lot of prodding), and The Bee is potty trained!! HURRAY! Not at night time yet, but he's nearly perfect during the day. Even this past week when he was sick and miserable, he still managed to go by himself. I think he's pretty proud of himself and happy with his independence. We got him some new Spiderman underwear to celebrate!
The Bug is still taking his time, but he's willing to try so we'll just keep at it.

The Bug is still really really good at puzzles and The Bee is good with counting numbers.

They both seem to enjoy being in Primary, and seem to be singing new songs at home all the time. I'm actually really looking forward to them going to preschool and all the new new things they'll learn. Hopefully all good and not weird stuff from other kids...

It was interesting to watch this week as they were each quite sick for a few days, but not the same days. They were each a bit lost without the other one to play with.
Although I have to say I did enjoy the reduced energy/noise level.

Another thing they've learned recently is *the fake smile*. Aaaah...maybe I'll change their names to Ham and Cheese!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Valentine Craft

I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say that not much has been going on lately. The winter blaaaahhs. So we decided to make a Valentine tree to cheer us up. And it worked!

We actually had to do some searching find a great branch. Tied on some fabric scraps, and cut out some foamie hearts with ribbon and voila!
For some reason this craft felt really creative. There's not much to it and it only cost a couple of dollars (we made one for inside and one sits outside the front door), but it really feels fun and cheery. I think it could be fun to tie messages to it as well...oh the possibilities...!
The Bug was carrying it around earlier today, and he told me he loved it. Who can beat that?