Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wild Kingdom

I have a wonderful friend with twins a year older than mine. Because she is so wonderful, she passes along a lot of their outgrown clothes to us. In the most recent batch, we recieved Halloween costumes. We couldn't wait to try them out.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

deep thoughts

I just found out that a dear friend of mine is moving far away. Not Africa far or anything, just far enough that we won't be able to enjoy seeing each other on such a frequent and regular basis. It's a good thing for her family, and I'm happy for their opportunity, but I will miss her in my life the way she has been lately.
We've had a few conversations recently about the way that people can come and go in your life. How relationships and friendships change, and while some continue to grow, others may end either by choice or circumstance. I have a few true friends who remain close, no matter where we live or what is happening in our lives. We have grown together.
There are other relationships however that have reached a point of no return. Sometimes it's as simple as drifting apart or not having much in common anymore. Other times it's a concious choice to remove myself from the situation. It's unfortunate in one way to lose something you once found value in, but I don't regret letting go. You have to let go.

I know that I will remain close with my friend who is moving. We'll tell each other stories about our children and our husbands. We'll laugh and console each other and send photos and share ideas and wish how each of us had been there to see it. And when we do see each other, as we catch up and check out new hairdo's and try not to notice how we are getting older, we will feel as though no time has passed. While everything is changing, nothing really has changed.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

first day of summer!

I love summer solstice. I love the idea of having a fabulous backyard party with candles and lanterns on a warm summer night at dusk as the sun slowly sinks away on the longest day of the year.

Since I did not actually do that, I will post photos in the spirit of all things green and summery.

p.s. I'm sure it would have been an enchanting evening in the New House.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


What I'm into lately...hmmm...
I am loving Dwell magazine. The first time I picked it up it didn't really grab me, but now I can't put it down. It has got me seriously thinking about design again. And I love it!
I am also dreaming about the prefab homes. Something about plunking a beautiful little space down somewhere, like in the desert, or your own backyard is so appealing.

Here are some beautiful things I've come across from the magazine.
This is dreamy
And I love this
Really is fabulous

And elsewhere.
She was just in town for an opening and we got to visit for a few minutes. So cool.
I can't believe I used to work down the street from here before it opened. Oh the time I could have spent there when I was supposed to be working...sigh* Especially here.

Fun times.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Magic House

Since it is taking several months, and we've been thinking about it for a long time, and our current main floor rental house has become way to small and we have filled every inch of it, we often think of how much better our lives will be when we finally move into our new house.
I realize it is just an object, yet oh, how our lives will change for the better!

1. We will become witty charming entertainers, for all the parties we will be having for friends and family.

2. We will become culinary wizards in our new shockingly fantastic kitchen with fantastic appliances.

3. Our children will not want to push the furniture around on the new hardwood floors the way they do now on the old rented hardwood floors.

4. We (I) will become organized and decluttered. Everything will have a place!

5. The Screaming will stop. The children will have nothing left to scream about. Ok, that is just wishful thinking.

6. We will become saavy and cool decorators. Every detail, every color, every peice of furniture placed with precision and skill. Trained professionals are for the weak!

7. The Bathrooms, oh the bathrooms. Charming husband and I will never again have to have an argument over who is hogging the one and only bathroom. We even get to have our own fancypants bathroom with a fancypants tub and MY OWN SINK!
(My only question, who is going to be cleaning all those bathrooms??)

p.s. old photo...we are acutally a matter of weeks away from completion...is it 4 or 6 or 7??? that is the question.

16 months

The twins turned 16 months old two days ago. Sometimes I can still barely believe I am the mother of twin boys. They are beautiful and full of life and demanding and curious and loud and creative and getting huge, yet still so tiny and you could just eat them up.

The past month has been about:

Getting Molars - while teeth are good for eating, it seems they are horrible for sleeping. My boys have been good sleepers for months, but lately, I have been fearful that we'd have to start all over again. R has two on the top and B has two on the top and one on the bottom. Ouch!

Rain - June has been all rain. All the time. And while it is looking lush and beautiful outside, we have mostly been inside feeling moist and damp. We're getting stir crazy.

Grapes - We Loves Grapes. And Cantelope. YUM

Growing - growing too tall for many of their pants, luckily shorts are more forgiving. Also getting tall enough to reach more things. Time to move up another notch.

Screaming - they have become louder and shriller when they don't get what they want. They are hurting dolphins and dogs. I want to apologize to the new tenants downstairs. But then I think, hey you guys think it's bad down there, try it up here for a few days. Then check your sanity.

First Word - B's official first word is 'hot'. He started saying it on the May long weekend when we went to visit my parents. There is a gas fireplace there - hot. He can also say 'oh wow'. He has been saying that for a months, but we don't really think it has any context. Hot however, is hot!

Best part - R has started being snuggly. An independent soul, he has not had much time in his busy life for a nice snuggle. Until now. Mom and Dad are loving it.
B has always enjoyed a good snuggle, but X2 is even nicer.