Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Baby Update

The Babe had her first shots yesterday. She is a lovely 23inches long, weighing 11.3lbs. That puts her directly in the middle of the range.
She cried that cry that breaks your heart when she got the needles (total of 3, ouch!) but it didn't last long. At least we know she has healthy lungs too!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

You Take the Good, You take the bad...

Yesterday morning it felt like there was a little ray of sunshine shining right down on us. The kids and I had a playdate with Mrs. M and her wee lads. The sun was shining, the music was playing in the car on the way there, children were peaceful and calm. The kids played together quite well (as 3 toddlers can), no one got hurt or even had a time out. The mom's got to visit and have grown up conversation. It was like a mini vacation in the insanity that is our lives. And trust me, it is insane. A lot.

Fast forward to today. We picked up Auntie Shishi and headed out for a fun morning at Riley Park. Beautiful sunny Saturday morning. It wasn't too busy, the water was perfect. All seemed well. Alas, the jungle monkeys were back. The boys acted like they'd been caged up for weeks and were making the most of their newfound freedom. So, it seems they had a very fun time, and Auntie Shishi and I are exhausted!

Grown- ups: 1 (yesterday)
Toddlers: 1 (today)

Photo Love

As you may, or may not, have noticed I have added some new links. I'm feeling totally jazzed about learning some new photography skills. THere are some great photo blogs and websites out there, that I am totally taking advantage of. Feeling inspired!
So, you will be seeing a lot of photos up in the next while as I experiment and learn new things. If only I could get my kids to 'feel the love'...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

2 Months

I have always loved little babies. I know they don't really do much, but whether it's just the new-ness of them, or the way they will just snuggle into you and go to sleep (sometimes), it's just so unique and short lived. To be enjoyed thoroughly. Especially as a mom.

This month The Baby is getting even better at holding her head up. She is also very good with her feet. Sometimes she will dig her heels into her crib and 'scootch' around. She has very strong legs and likes to stand up like a big girl.

She has started telling 'stories' if you talk to her and listen. And one of my favorite things in the past week or so, is she has started smiling!

Hanging with her 'home boys'.

29 Months

What? Again? Already?! Just catching up...

The boys have been having a great summer. Sure, they are crazy and loud and stubborn and downright obstinant and unruly at times, but they are also smart and sweet and clever and exceedingly handsome.

Word of the month: delicious! Said with much vigor and determination. Or sometimes just 'licious will do.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kicking It

The latest adventures of the Charming Husband...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

1 Month

The Baby. Her debut!

The first three weeks went very well. Eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Then it all fell to pieces. It seems The Baby is a bit colicky. Tummy troubles. Or the 'guts' as our Dr. put it. There are times when she will only settle if I am holding her. Not that I mind holding her, but it gets difficult to get anything else done. Luckily it's not all the time, and generally not at night.
She's a very strong baby, and has been working at holding her head up since she came home. At 3 weeks she was 9lbs, 4oz. Just right.

We're so happy with our sweet little girl!

28 Months

Oh so late...but worth the wait! Photos galore! The boys like the new baby well enough, but they are generally too busy to pay her much attention. Summer is here. Hurray!

First time running through the sprinkler. They call it the shower.

My mom warned me that my boys would seem so big after we brought the baby home. She was right! So grown up in an instant.

Gone Fishin'

Ok, not really fishing, but on vacation...all I ever wanted.
OK. Hardly. We all no there's no such thing as a 'vacation' when two 2yr olds and a 2mo old are involved. In fact 'vacation' really means the same craziness as you have at home, but you just take it on the road. And you sleep less.

Still, we have been on 'vacation' at my parent's place this past week. Hot, sunny beautiful Rocky Mountains. And cold, kicky Kicking Horse River. Unfortunately, no phone or email. Their system is down and awaiting repair. Sort of relaxing not to have them, but it can also be annoying.

Anyway, lots of photos and lots to update. The Baby is still colicky so I feel like I am way behind on things, but will do my best to catch up ASAP!
Loves to you all.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Houdini Bee

Many of the doors in our home have childproof safety latches on them. It's just a small sliding latch at the top of the door, so that our children can't open them. Because they can't reach them.

This prevents the kids from flushing stuff, and emptying the toilet paper roll, escaping to the garage, and re-arranging our bedroom every second of every day. It also keeps them in their own rooms at naptime and bedtime. Crucial to the peaceful, happy flow of our home.
One afternoon last week the boys were in their rooms for a nap and I was trying to get the baby to follow. Much to my surprise a little blonde head pops up from downstairs. Very pleased with himself he is calling, Mommy? Mommy? Daddy? Daddy?
Maybe I'd forgotten to latch his door?

However, this happened again the next day. I promptly took him back to his room to let him know it was still 'nap time'.
He them figured out that mommy makes him return to 'napping' so he figured he might as well watch a little tv, or pile up all the toys from the playroom into his bedroom before coming upstairs. Oddly enough, he only did this at naptime.

Until today. This morning instead of waiting for us to come and get him, we hear this happy little voice coming up the stairs calling, Mommy? Daddy? and up pops his little blonde head.
And while we are amused by his cuteness, we are really more astounded by his amazing feet of escape. We have no idea how he is getting out of his room.