Wednesday, March 28, 2007

French Kissin' the Mornin'

I had a regular Dr.'s appt this morning (they have now shifted into higher gear, every 2 weeks instead of every month). I quite like my Dr. so far, but her building is old and crappy. As any pregnant woman knows, when you go to your appt's, you have to give a 'sample' for them to test your sugar levels, or some such thing. It's not a big deal, except that at my Dr.'s office, you have to get a key and then go up a floor to the crappy old bathroom that matches the rest of the crappy old building. SO, I get the 'sample' containers ahead of time, and then I can just bring it from home.

ANYWAY. I was driving to my appt this morning and I thought I'd check out a new radio station. First of all, I loathe the radio stations in Calgary. It's a pet peeve of mine. I'm not a rocker. I hate old rock. I don't like the 'oldies'. I'm not nostagic for 1985. I'm not into gangsta rap, or even top 40 anything. California and 'lite' music makes my ears bleed. The college and indie stations are fun sometimes, but it's really a crap shoot there.
So, I was listening to the new station. And kind of enjoying it. Some newer tunes, not anything I'm already sick of. A couple of blasts from the past, but in a fun way, not even irritating.

And then they played this Bon Jovi 'hit'. I'm not nostalgic, or even a huge BJ fan, but who can resist a song that refers to the Holy Ghost repeatedly in the lyrics??! Although, if I was in any way married to JonBJ, and he sang that song for me, I'd totally laugh in his face.

Instead I laughed at myself as I captured the mental image of me singing along in my Volvo wagon, 7 months pregnant, with a bottle of pee in my purse.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

March 24

Today is my 4th wedding anniversary!
It seems I cannot think of my anniversary without thinking about my wedding day. I suppose that is the beauty of it.
It was not a traditional wedding, by any means. I guess you can say CH and I eloped, although we didn't really plan it that way. We actually didn't plan it much at all. Which was also the beauty of it!

CH (formerly Charming Boyfriend) was down in Tucson, AZ riding and training in the beautiful Arizona spring weather. He had the good fortune to be there for several weeks, and I came down for a mini vacation. We had been discussing getting married, but CB waited until I got there to make it 'official'.
That was on a Friday.
The idea of months or weeks of planning, and organizing and stress seemed daunting ahead of us. I never had dreams of a big fairytale wedding. The thought of driving to Vegas flitted quickly through my mind. Too far and too cheesy, although I do understand the appeal (I once thought it appalling). It turns out you can get married in Tucson pretty easily too!

We picked up our marriage liscence on Monday morning down at the courthouse. I remember the two of us sitting outside in a little courtyard considering our options. CB always said we could do whatever I wanted. I really only wanted to be married. We had been together for a few years by then, so it doesn't make compete sense, but there was a feeling of urgency. Of just wanting to move onto the next phase of our lives.

And so we got married at dusk that evening, in a little park, in Tucson, Arizona. Just the two of us, and a wacky, but sweet marriage official and her husband and daughter as witnesses. It's not that I didn't want to share that experience with our loved ones, or that we're just a wild and crazy couple who do things on a whim.
There was just something pure and simple about it. Like if you peel off all the layers of a wedding with the fancy clothes and music and decorations, and arguing over invitations and who to invite (etc, etc) and you're left with just the core. The bottom line. I don't know if I would have allowed myself to be completely in the moment with all the other distractions.
It was a beautiful thing.

And so I'm thankful for this day of reflection. I'm thankful for the past 4 years with all their craziness that has come our way (children). I'm thankful for the future that lays ahead.
And I'm thankful for my beautiful charming Husband.
I'd marry you all over again in a heartbeat!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Real Moms...

I figure when the internet comes knocking, it would be rude not to answer...Thanks Alyson. Check out some of her other 'tags'. Especially the initial entry. Rock it sista!

Real moms take naps any chance they can get! At least the prego ones. Although I recommend it anytime.

And I sure do feel purdy!
And so now I must tag also Mrs. MWB, Mrs. SweetPeas, and MySisterOutEast.

'Fun' at the Library

We like going to the library. Mostly the kids enjoy the little kid-friendly computer they can play on. It has colorful keys and a little kid size mouse. They think it's great, especially since they don't get much computer time at home. They also like taking out dvd's and music, and sometimes even books!

I was feeling somewhat brave yesterday and took the boys myself. In the past my sister has always come with us, just to help keep a handle on things. As with many activities.
So we got our Thomas the Train dvd's, played with the computer, read a couple of books and were at the front desk getting ready to sign them out...I had to let go of both little sets of hands, because, I only have TWO myself and I had to get out library cards, and pay the $1.30 fine. Both kids had to explore a bit around the front entry. No problem... I can see them both... will only take a minute...

And then The Bug started giggling with glee and headed out the ever-so-helpful-self-opening-doors. And he was making great time. I left the dvd's and my wallet AND my other child (one disaster at a time please) while I had to RUN out the doors after him. Oh what a sight to sprinting after the tiny trouble-maker as I finally caught up to him in the parking lot. Neither of us were any too happy with the other at that point.

Good times at the library!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

25 Months

The boys are 25 months now. As of last week. appears that I haven't taken a whole lot of photos the past few weeks. Another result of my waining energy. Luckily I have some back-ups, and will make an effort to get some more done.

We haven't had any 'big' events in the past month, but a few things have happened.
Firstly, and quite significantly, we have moved on somewhat from all Cars all the time, to now also enjoying Finding Nemo. Or Memo (like the memo pad, not Meemo). Or Mamo as he is affectionately referred to. It is somewhat refreshing, although we're still going to have to expand our collection. Mostly so I don't completely lose my mind.

The Bug is still an avid 'reader' of all things Cars though. He woke up at 5am this morning because he wanted his Cars colouring book, and just couldn't sleep another minute. He completely settled down again once he had it in his hot little hands (he's not interested in colouring so much as just carefully looking over each page). He also enjoys reading the Volvo magazine we recieved in the mail. He pours over it and points out all the cars. He studies all his 'papers' in great detail until they literally start to fall apart.

And we've made progress in the world of The Sleeping Bee. In a stroke of genius (desperation) we moved him downstairs so that he is more than 3 feet away from where we try to sleep. I was worried that he would feel too far away from us, but he LOVES it. It's like some kind of magic. He's happy to go to bed (much like normal) but then seems to sleep just fine through the night and wakes up pretty happy each morning. And if he does feel the need to be loud and bang around some, it's not like hot spikes being driven into our heads! We can still hear him, but it's at a much lower decible. Hooray!

Both The Bug and The Bee are learning new words. They're still a far cry from some of their female counterparts, but taking it step by step. The Bee now says 'Pease' quite well, when he wants something (although not necessarily when I want him to). Not every vehicle is a car anymore, but may be a 'tractor' or a 'bus'. The Bug can say most anything The Bee can, but The Bee is generally more verbal. He also likes it if we sing or hum so he can follow along, especially in the car. The Bee is also still more openly affectionate, giving hugs or kisses. The Bug will come up behind you with a sneaky hug or a kiss only when the mood strikes him.
It's pretty funny and we're certainly not going to complain!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Slurp Your Blog

Save your witty and fascinating blogging for generations to come...

Totally cool, of course!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Pregnant Lament

I am of the general notion that if I have nothing nice to say, I should just zip it. No one wants to hear me complaining. And yet here I am...unable to contain myself...

Disclaimer: If you are all dreamy eyed about someday being pregnant and glowy, you may not want to continue reading. If you are one of those woman who loves being pregnant and it makes you all dreamy eyed and glowy, go away.

At 28 weeks along you would think that the mere remaining 12 weeks would seem like a breeze. Instead, I find myself looking down the long hall of eternity. 12 MORE WEEKS. (I will not consider any possibility of being over-due)
I am tired, uncomfortable, and GRUMPY.

All my pants are either too tight now, or sliding off my bum. Literally. I could feel the gap between the top and bottom getting larger as I walked out of the grocery store with my hands full. Luckily it was a short walk.
I am impatient with my kids. I am tired but I cannot sleep. I feel big and lumpy and sore. Mylanta is my close companion, once again.
My sweet CH is helpful with the kids, and sympathetic (I think).
Mr. "I'm so skinny, I should just get skinnier, I'll just ride my bike some more, pass the lettuce".

I have dreams of a skinnier, more energetic me with freshly highlited hair. Dreams of an island vacation. But alas, those dreams are very distant. Mother Nature isn't fooling anyone this time around. I know what's coming!

And to top it all off, my belly button is crooked. I used to have a cute little innie. The twins took care of that for good. But I was in denial for years about the position. I would just say that all the buttons on all my pants were slightly askew. They never lined up. When in fact, it is undeniable it it's fully outward state, that my belly button is off centre.
The icing on my big, ballooned, stretched- marked cake.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Speaking of Creativity...

Amy Butler has the most gorgeous fabrics and cushions. Beautiful!
Via the ever enlightening Design*Sponge.

My pet peeve though, is ordering stuff from the US. You just never know what it will end up costing through customs, exchange, etc.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Creativity vs Domesticity

I am the kind of person who needs to be involved in something creative. I am happiest when I am in the midst of it all. Planning, collecting, executing, looking at other creative works and being inspired. It is the twisting and turning of all those little cogs when time evaporates and I feel like I am truly following my bliss.

My problem seems to be that laundry, meal planning and making, bottle scrubbing, diaper changing, and the rest of the endless daily duties of 'life' seem to be in direct conflict with my creative energies.
(Can you hear that creaking? That's Pandora's Box I've just opened.)
Yes, I adore my children and I know it is a blessing to be able to be home with them. I don't feel the need to work outside the home, because then I would just have 2 full time jobs. That's not really the issue I'm getting at here.
And there are PLENTY of women who have children and manage to live very productive creative lives. I've seen their blogs! I have their paintings!

My point is simply that I havn't figured it out yet.
And some days I can go about my business (busy-ness?) and all is well. And other days I feel that if I have to suck up one more crumb or make one more muffin, I will implode and my head will look like this.
Some women manage to turn it around and become the Domestic Goddess to be envied and admired by all. Why can't I?!

It is also a double edged sword. If I do manage to become inspired and want to sink my teeth into something it can be worse. I become restless and frustrated by the 'real' demands and distractions of life.
I suspect the problem may be exaggerated at the moment by pregnancy and the fact that I can barely keep up with the boys all day, let alone link two creative thoughts together.

Perhaps I need to be content, for now with the fact that I am creating a person all day and be happy with that...

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Flickr Help

Anybody out there have some tips for setting up Flickr? I set up an account, but find uploading to be slow and combersome. Maybe my files are too big?

Any suggestions??

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Winter Wonderland

As I promised, here are the photos from our last trip out to the chalets. The snow was as deep as the kids are tall!

The big kids had as much fun as the wee kids playing in it. And even with all that snow, it was beautiful weather. It was very pleasant with no wind. Perfect winter conditions.

If we'd had more time, there probably would have been an igloo...

Too Little or Too Much

Sometimes I have nothing to say. And other times I find myself with a lot to say. But I question, at times, what really needs saying.
Especially in this format. It would be nice to think that you could just throw anything 'out there' in the name of truth or honesty, but the reality is that words are powerful and there are consequences for what we say. Or write.
What to expose? What to hold back?
I'm a believer in positive energy. In getting back what you throw out. That's basically my guideline.
Not that we all don't need a good shoulder to cry on, or anger to vent. Or support from online friends. One of the most amazing aspects of blogging.

How do you decide what information is for 'public' discussion and what is for private?