Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Veggin' Out and Veggin' In

Yikes. It's been a while. Have I been avoiding you?? Never! Well, maybe just a tiny bit but don't take it personally. Really.
There's just enough chaos going on that at the end of the day I just can't muster the oomph to sit here and chat. Or edit photos. Which are two of my favorite ways to spend some time usually. Nice quiet time. My happy time. Just not lately.
I miss you happy personal time and internet friends...

Since you're here, let's chat!
I have recently become intrigued with Alicia Silverstone's book The Kind Diet. I haven't yet got my hands on a copy so I've been reading/stalking her site.
It's not that I'm super freaked about eating animals (although maybe there is enough reason to be, but you are yummy Mr. Roast Turkey and Mr. Chicken Leg. Did I mention Mr. Mittens makes a mean steak??). Anyhoo, I'm more drawn to the selfish byproducts of a plant based diet such as claims of Better Health! Clear Skin! More Energy! Weight Loss! And so on. And if it's better for the planet and those critters then I can feel virtuous at the same time!
But in all seriousness, stress makes me clench into a tightly wound ball and my digestive system takes a beating. I'm feeling like I need to make an effort to take care of myself. In a mind and body kind of way. So this sort of makes sense.

I'm still in the checking things out stage. I need to actually read The Kind Diet for starters. But I've picked up a couple of vegan cookbooks. To be fair, I really like reading cookbooks, but I'm much slower to actually use them!

How It All Vegan - Lots of fairly simple recipes. Pretty easy ingredients. Mostly tasty so far. Even the bread I made my husband liked (he is generally not a fan of my bread making attempts).

Get It Ripe - More serious approach. Lots of information, which I like. All around good nutrition and yummy looking recipes I could manage without much trouble.

What I like about vegan eating: I don't really think dairy products are very good for us. I have a lot of sinus problems and diary is notoriously bad for that.
I like trying new food and using ingredients in new ways (cashews and nuts for cremes for example). Fun and tasty. Did you know you can substitute ground flax seeds for eggs in baking? Cool.
I have no doubt that eating a lot more fruit and veggies would make us all healthier. And for the most part taste pretty yummy.

What I'm not crazy about:
Soy. I don't have any real problem with the taste/texture, I just don't think I should be feeding it to my kids. And it seems to be a real staple in a lot of vegan diets.

Beans. I like beans. But without eating soy am I left eating only beans for most of my protein? Do they sell Beano at Costco?

Meat and dairy taste good!

Inconvenient. Sad but true. It's just a lot more work. Not that it isn't totally valuable work, but it will take more planning and organization for me. Which is why I haven't gotten any further than this so far!

My thought is to give this a try on a trial basis and I'm going to wait a bit until I can focus more. Commit to a few weeks or a month to see if I see changes. But I am kind of excited.
If any of you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to comment. It seems like a lot of information to process. I'm trying to take it all in!

Would it be wrong to order some ginger beef as a farewell meal?!

And here's us trying out my new tripod...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Eva

And yes we call her 'Baby Eva'. Never just Eva! We like to distinguish between the babies and the big girls, or big kids around here.
I haven't seen her since I took these a few weeks ago. I bet she has grown leaps and bounds already. Which is the beauty of newborn photos. They are just so fresh and new! Skin like velvet. Tiny baby cries. So much love! A few more here...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baby E

I'm editing photos of the sweetest wee baby girl. She has some hard core fans around here!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Bug 5

Ok, The Bug's interview:
How old are you? 4...oh 5!
Fave color - blue
Fave food - pickles and sandwiches (peanut butter) and burgers and cereal
Fave movie - Transformers with Decepticons and Megatron and Bumblebee
Best Friend - Beck and Sideswipe
Fave drink - orange juice
Fave activity - building blocks (lego) and playing with transformers
Fave letters - R & B
Likes - fuzzy things (coats and hats)
(apparently I asked him what he likes, not what he likes to do!)

My funny Bug. Kinda goofy. A little uncoordinated at times. Brave and daring. Adventurous. A night owl. Loves being outside. Silly. He's a little more quiet at home (relatively speaking), but he's very outgoing and friendly in public. He's more of an independent thinker than an independent doer. Stubborn. He likes puzzles and studying things and figuring them out (like instructions for transformers). He likes to draw and color but he is sometimes too busy playing. Although quite recently he has become more passionate about his art! And growing things from seeds. A gardener. He's not as dramatic as some of the other individuals in our home, but he has very specific passions at times. He can get very excited and focused on something and it will keep him up at night or consume his thoughts. He loves babies and can be very kind hearted. He does not like to clean up. But he likes to help 'do' things. Plays well on his own and can get lost in his own world. Likes people and gets along quite easily. Sweet and funny.
He has grown from the boy who used to say 'thank-you' if you told him you loved him into a fairly affectionate boy. He happily gives hugs and kisses and tells you he loves you!

Such an interesting and fun boy, my Bug. Your enthusiasm is contagious and joyful. I look forward to spending more time together! love Mom

Monday, March 01, 2010

Bee 5

Mr. Bee
Mr. Busy
Mr. I Can Do It Myself
This kid is a doer. Even at times when I don't really want him to do it. But chances are he can and will do it!
I conducted a little questionnaire for 5:
Fave color - red and green
Fave food - cheerios, cheese toast, steak
(Lately cheeseburgers are very popular - healthy, I know. He actually will try a lot of different things and likes quite a few. He is definitely a carnivore though. Those pesky veggies are usually last on his plate.)
Fave movie - Transformers (big surprise)
Best Friend - Jordan...and The Bug! (Jordan is our neighbor. Nice to know his twin is a close second! In reality they are pretty lost without each other)
Fave drink - water, milk, and apple juice
Fave activity - transformers, coloring, making stuff and cutting (paper), writing (he loves letters and often asks what letter a word starts with)
Fave letter - B!
Fave activities - going to the zoo, the park, playing in the snow

The Bee is fast and smart and quick to learn. He has an iron will that you do not want to tangle with (trust me). He is boisterous, but shy. I think he has as nice voice and can carry a tune. A performer. A clown. A creative mastermind. I have little doubt that he will get what he wants out of life.
He is bossy/a leader, depending on his approach (we're working on using his powers for good!). He can be very sweet and is always up for a hug. An early bird. He still hates getting his hair cut. He's very strong. Loves to dress up. Dramatic. Helpful. Likes to do things for people. Can get his own breakfast (even the big milk) and brush his teeth. One of my favorite things about kids in general is their creativity. And this boy is a machine. It's so fun to watch him draw and cut and paint and color with such enthusiasm!
And one of my favorite things about 5 is the explosion of learning. It's exciting (and sometimes tiring) to be constantly answering questions, and explaining, and helping to figure out. Is it just me or are kids smarter these days?
I love that mischievous twinkle (and fear it a little bit too).
I'm so proud of you and I look forward to all our upcoming adventures my handsome busy Bee!
love Mom

p.s. the Bug will get his own blurb too...all in good time...(ok, I'm on it)