Friday, July 07, 2006

Wrangler Butts

I am not a cowboy lover. I do not care for rodeos, wranglers, or country music. The Calgary Stampede is like a gritty wave of free pancakes and bbq on a bun, loud country music and straw everwhere you go. Not that it can't be fun. Working downtown is the best, because the bad food is everywhere, you can really get away with doing even less than usual at most jobs and no one cares. Best of all is the 'western wear'. Anything with denim, studs, gingham, lace, spandex or a big buckle classifies as 'western wear'. It's really more than you can imagine unless you can see it, smell it, breath it in person. It's all kinds of drunk and hung over tied up in one tacky package. Again, not that that can't be 'fun'.
I just have to say that Charming Husband left the house today to attend the Stampede with coworkers and clients. He was all dressed up in his cowboy duds. Boots, hat, big buckle and all.
And damn.
He is one fine looking cowboy.


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