Wednesday, July 19, 2006

While you were peeing...

Things my kids like to do when I am in the bathroom. They are fast people.

  1. Learn to open the pantry door and help themselves to muffins...eating some and sitting on the rest.
  2. Learn to open the closet door and take out all of mommies shoes. Try on my knee high rubber boots.
  3. Call their girlfriends and bookies on daddies cell phone.
  4. Push open our broken bedroom door (old house/crappy doorknob broke) and eat my bonniebell lipsmacker/loose change from the change bucket. I don't want to see where that change comes out.
  5. Climb on top of the cedar chest and dance with wild abandon (they are not allowed to climb on top of the chest, OR dance wilding with abandon at this age).
  6. Help themselves to the fruit bowl, chewing through the banana peels and leaving little chew marks in all the apples.
  7. Play with the garage door opener which will open and close the garage door from inside the house even though you have to push the button 14 times when you are standing in front of the door or in the car. We will not know the door is open until the elderly gentleman next door asks us if we know our garage door is open.
  8. Stand at the window and cat-cawl the lawn boy.
  9. Toss all the clothes out of their dresser drawers and laugh maniacally.
  10. Stand at the screen door and proudly show off their belly buttons to the new lady mail carrier.
And don't even ask me what they are doing as I type this...


Peace Sweet Peas said...

okay the fruit thing really makes me laugh. And you've got to love the garage door opening and closing and opening and closing.

YoJo said...

1) Is Ryder the Bug?, 2) I like the sweet peas poem a lot, 3) I just finished the last 'Felicity' DVD - I miss them!! and 4) thanks for the shout-out baby and the referral ;)

You always rock.

Two Mittens said...

1) Is Ryder the Bug?

Well, there goes his secret identity!
Thanks Lois