Monday, July 17, 2006

17 months

Wow, Friday the boys were 17 months old. The last month seemed to fly by. And what fun we've had.

My little Bee has a flair for the dramatic. Lately he has been trying to communcate with pointing his little finger and shrieking for things. He will come over with a slipper or a shoe and shriek at you until you put it on.

It may be just one slipper.

His favorite are bright red fire trucks. But he also likes runners. Maybe one, or two unmatched. He also likes to wear things (as was shown with the Halloween costumes). He loves to wear daddy's shirts, any hat, or carry bags and backpacks around. He will point and screach at something until you figure out what he's after.

He has also become quite aware of his surroundings lately. Whenever he hears a helicopter or airplane or even a lawn mower, he will look around and point as he is searching to find where the noise is coming from. He sees things that I don't notice.
It's great fun to see him interacting with the world.
The little Bee and I have our differences at times, especially with the screaminess of Mr. Screamerson, and the lack of sleep he often requires, but he is a happy fun boy, who loves to play.

My little Bug is also a busy boy. He is not as interested in communication at this point, but he is focused and exploring as much as possible. He is a maniac on the playground. Somewhat fearless, he climbs and crawls over and under (I feel the fear he does not). He goes down the slide all by himself and is even happier if he can climb back up it again. He has always been a 'climber' and is quite good. A little too good.
When something gets his attention, he will not be deterred and he likes nothing better than to be off on an adventure. Just don't get in his way or you will hear about it!

The boys seem to be enjoying each other a lot too. They still fight over toys at times. I'm sure that isn't going to change anytime soon, but they also play together and make each other laugh. Sometimes it's the smallest thing that gets them each laughing and giggling so hard they can barely stand it. Of course you can't help but laugh yourself, if if they are getting themselves into trouble. I'm sure they will soon learn to use that to their advantage!

The boys got tricyles for the summer (thanks Daddy!). They aren't quite big enough to ride them, but they push them around with their usual flair, and turn them over and 'work on them' like they see their dad working on his bikes.

All in all we're enjoying our long sunny days with fun at the parks, exploring the outdoors, playing in water and eating ice cream every chance we get!

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