Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Right Philosophy

My fabulous friend was recently in town on her way back from Italy where she studied to become a Montessori teacher. I was curious about the 'Montessori Way' and was happy to hear some of the philosophies they use to teach and view the young world of education. I still have some research to do, but I did get some interesting information from another friend, The Internet.

I found this to be pertinent:

"...if we are restrained from exploring our world either physically or intellectually, we tend to become bored, even depressed."


Another fundamental philosophy, even for the very young is to let them participate in daily chores and tasks to develop independence and self esteem:

"This independence in the child is not to help make life easier for the adult. In fact, at least initially, helping children to establish independence requires a great deal of effort and thought on the adults’ part. Montessori encourages us to go to this trouble for children so that they will experience the confidence that comes from not having to wait for someone else to do what is needed. It is not to help adults, then, that we help children to become independent in daily acts; it is to help children."

I think I have found an answer to my earlier quandry from my previous post The Magic House!

(My only question,who is going to be cleaning all those bathrooms??)

It's for the children.


Peace Sweet Peas said...

Tee hee. I can already see R & B running around the house with the toilet brushes and spraying each other with water from the spray bottles. As EM likes to say "It's Raining". Spray. Spray.

Two Mittens said...

Oh the trouble the 3 of them could get into! And wee Z won't be far behind ;)