Saturday, July 29, 2006

Jr. High Band Drop Out

I have always been an artsy fartsy kind of person. As a kid I loved nothing better than to draw and color. In school I took art and drama and was always enrolled in varied dance classes like tap and jazz. (Never ballet though...yawn!)

Unfortunately, music was not my area to shine. My mother tried, but to no avail. I hated piano lessons and suffered through them until I could quit. I took band in grade 6 and played the saxaphone which I hated. I only played it because we had an old one my uncle used to play. I don't even know how I managed to pass that class as I never (NEVER) practised because my saxaphone was too heavy to carry home and too awkward to put on my bike. I even somehow managed to fake my way through a parade. Like not playing any real notes because I didn't know any of the music. Painful, yet a fine testament to my great acting skills! Well, I probably wasn't kidding anybody.
What I really wanted to play was the drums.

Lately I have been looking for a class to take. To remind my brain how to connect the dots again and function beyond changing poop and chasing toddlers. I have looked at painting and pottery and belly dancing and all the continuing ED classes. All the things that I like, but nothing has really caught my attention. Until I happened to scan the music section.
I swear my heart did I little leap of joy when I saw:

West African Drumming:
Introduction to the Djembe

How absolutely delicious!

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YoJo said...

Ask Alisha about that...I believe she took it and loooved it. ;)