Sunday, July 23, 2006


In honour of the Family SweetPeas moving away to the Great White North, we invited them over for a farewell bbq. We don't do much entertaining here due mostly to circumstances like our entire dining room is taken over with baby dressers and toys and such, and no dining room table so this called for drastic action. We got our first kiddie pool for the backyard, we hauled our kitchen table out of the garage, we shopped and chopped and made ice cubes. I felt very Martha. A tired, disorganized Martha who buys her potatoe salad at the store, but ready for a party all the same!

The PrincessPeas were adorable as always and everyone looked dashing in their poolside attire. We laughed, we splashed, we got food in the pool and chased kids around the yard in wagons and on trikes. Charming Husband flipped fabulous burgers, and we ate ourselves silly. What mothers heart doesn't feel joy at her two baby faces covered with their first ice-cream cones and cheeks stuffed with watermelon?? (insert photo of mushy drippy happy faces here)

Eventually the mosquitos came out and little heads headed for their beds. We are now people who 'wrap it up' at 6:30pm when other parties are just getting started.

'Peace Out' family SweetPeas, and much love from all 4Mittens.

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