Thursday, July 20, 2006


So, yesterday I went to take a picture AND I COULDN'T!! My camera DIDN'T WORK!! A feeling of panic came over me.

My Nikon D70 and I have been great friends for a couple of years now. After several years working with my old Minolta and an even older Nikon I didn't know if I'd be onboard with this digital business. As it turns out, I LOVE IT. I love the control I can have over the final image. I love how it is all so instant. I still need to learn how to use my camera more effectively, and have even more control over the initial image, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have files on my computer for every month since my babies were born. I knew I wasn't likely to have the time/brain power to write everything down, but I made sure to take photos all along the way. A visual journal.

I guess I hadn't really appreciated what an impact photography has in my day to day life, and what a joy it really is to me.

With any luck, it is just the battery pack that has wreaked this havoc upon my life, and I just have to fork out the $75 to replace it. Wish me luck.

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