Saturday, July 29, 2006

Our First Fort

Just when I think I am going to seriously call the gypsies for real this time, or change my name and move to Florida, they do something adorable and we're all love&cuteness again for a while.

One of the things the boys are into recently, literally, is little spaces. They love to use their newfound skill of opening the pantry doors or the hall closet and hide inside (yes they are coming out of the closet - hahah).
Unfortunately, folding doors and twin brothers are bad for little fingers, so we've been trying to discourage them. The Bug especially resents this and screamed angrily at me when I tried to extricate him from his secret hideaway.

As a compromise/distraction I pulled out one of the boxes we have stored away (we have to move eventually) and covered it with a sheet and voila! instant fort!

*kodak/broken nikon moment*
The two of them crawled in and sat side by side looking delighted. Two peas in a pod. Or box. Content at least for a few minutes to crawl in and out and entertain themselves/each other. And I felt proud in a strange way that I had accomplished something.

I can't wait to show them the Tickle Trunk!


Alyson said...

I'm going to add you as my mystery blogg of the week. Hope you don't mind.

Two Mittens said...

I'm not worthy!