Wednesday, August 09, 2006


No, I haven't had one. But it has been one of my most favorite shows this summer (as well as So You Think You Can Dance, of course). Plus Luke Perry seems much more appealing now than he did in 1990.
The basic premise is that a group of people win the lottery, about 20 million each, and how their lives change. Proving along the way, that money can't buy you happiness...or can it??!

You can't watch the show without thinking, 'What would I do with millions of dollars?'.
I usually can't think of anything too spectacular. And since I never play, it's not like I'm going to win anytime soon.

But, the question remains. What would you do with millions of dollars?
I think most of us would take care of our extended families, charities, kids education etc...blah,blah...but what would you do for yourself?

I think this would be a fun question to revisit, as it may change. Right now, I would say (not necessarily in order:

  1. Hire a good babysitter
  2. Spend a weekend away with Charming Husband
  3. Spend a weekend away by myself perhaps at a spa where I would sleep, have a massage, sleep, eat some delicious food, sleep, and sleep some more. Did I mention sleep?
  4. Buy a new wardrobe from top to bottom. Inside out. That's right. New. Get rid of the old crap and new, new, new.

I guess that's about where my head is right now. Not saving Africa, or orphans. At least not first. Just some time away from my kids, a little pampering and shopping. Not that any of things are totally out of reach now, it's just easier to do and less guilt with unlimited resources.

Oh, and maybe a brand new house...with a personal chef...and a cleaning lady...and a personal trainer....maybe a pool, no a spa...!

What would you do?

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