Monday, August 28, 2006

A Big Step

Turning 18 months old is a bit of a milestone here as the boys are now officially old enough to join the army. Just kidding. A small baby army? Who scream at bad guys and chew their stuff? No.

They are officially old enough to go to Nursery at church. It's kind of like a wee army. Of 18mo old to 3 yr olds who run around playing with toys and drinking each others sippy cups (share and share germs alike), learning to sing songs, having snacks and generally running amuck. With adult supervision. The only catch is that is that I still have to make it through the first meeting with them, which itself is over an hour long.

Yesterday was our first attempt. All in all it went better than I expected. I was feeling brave and decided to take the boys by myself (without Aunti J for backup). We sat with a friend who kindly helped entertain, and offered up her own belongings as toys and distractions. Our little friend Q sat behind us and shared his grapes. The real trouble started when he shared a car.

The Bug had it and The Bee wanted it. Then a meltdown, where The Bee banged his head against the wooden pew (when he was having a bit of a hissy fit). I grabbed him to leave as he started to bellow, hoping The Bug would stay and play quietly with the friend, but of course I heard the clomp clomp of little feet right behind me.

But really we made it through the majority of the meeting. Finally, off to Nursery. The reaction of both boys was pretty much what I expected. The Bug was happy playing with all the toys, but The Bee is quite shy and started howling. I tried to give him some time to settle in, but ended up coming in with him to reassure him that it was alright.

It was so cute to see about 10 little toddlers in a group environment. I did not envy the people who spend every Sunday doing it (exhausting), but it was quite interesting. You certainly get to observe the different personalities of the kids, and I was curious to see how my boys would interact with others. Like the way The Bug kept taking snacks from the kids beside him. I guess they are not used to having to protect their food from a brother who wants whatever you have!

I think The Bee had fun too, although he would periodically start crying again, and would come sit with me to make sure everything was ok. My sweet little Bee.
And The Bug learned a new word....Bubbles!

We might even try this again. Well, unless I actually want to listen or pay attention to anything that is being said. At church.

*smiley face*


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Yay!! Good for you...all three of you. This is BIG. How fun for them to have other's snacks & sippy-cups...cause that's really all it's about right now.
Independence is coming all too quickly.

Two Mittens said...

This mother business is tricky. You always end up being happy AND sad at the same time.

Alyson said...

It will get easier, you just have to be persistant. One day they will be like, "Mom will you just leave and let us have fun."