Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Link Up

I have a weakness for beautiful, shiny, expensive artsy-type magazines. There I said it. I justify the occasional purchase with the fact that I rarely go to the movies anymore. We don't eat out much. Or have many other indulgences at all, except for that diaper habit I'm trying to kick. So once in a while, $10-$12, is entertainment well spent. And really, you can only learn to do the perfect eyebrow or fixate on lipstick for so long...

I had to draw the line at $35 though. That's right. Thirty five Canadian dollars. It was a very interesting looking magazine. From the UK, which explains some of the cost. And it's called Amelia's Magazine. How does Amelia rate her very own magazine? Talented or not, is her daddy a millionaire?

Anyway, here are a few other interesting links.
Catalina Estrada
Jim Houser

And a parenting sort of mag, but less annoying than most Cookie

And some hard core design/art.
Applied Arts

Time well wasted!

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