Monday, August 14, 2006

The Wedding Photographer

Last week was a little crazy. Mainly due to the fact that several months ago I agreed to take wedding photos on Friday. And by Thursday it was all going to hell.

I used to work at a photography studio (some day I may tell you more about that) and have been to more weddings than should be forced upon any human being. Oh the Saturday nights I have spent working with a strange, opinionated furry little man (my old boss) at the wedding receptions of strangers who all dance the Macarena and I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock and Roll. But I digress...
I actually learned a lot from working there, and much of it valuable. Unfortunately my old boss was ALWAYS having equipment problems, and it planted the seed of fear in me, that I can never take anyone's wedding photos without the anxiety of something breaking down. Due to this fact, and a few others, I rarely agree to do it. I'm still not entirely sure why I made an exception in this case.

Fast forward (backtrack) to last Thursday. My camera, still broken, has not returned from the shop. I have to rent one. The forecast is for low temperatures and heavy rainfall. The wedding date was changed from Sat to Friday, which seems like no biggie, but I have 2 children and of course, Charming Husband happens to have a big meeting on Friday afternoon. Oh yah, and we have no babysitter because our one and only sitter (other than my sister) stole from us (another story, another time) and we've never got another one. Needless to say, I was feeling ANXIOUS.

Luckily, sometimes when you really fear the worst, circumstances fail to live up to your expectations!
I managed to arrange to have my sister come and stay with us overnight. Aunti J saves the day! After the coldest wettest morning of the entire summer, the clouds broke and the sun began to shine. And the camera shop let me rent the camera for the entire weekend, for the price of one day. Hurray!

The pictures in the park went very well. I think we got some lovely photographs. The bride and groom were adorable and fun. The rest of the family photos and reception went pretty smoothly... as much as any wedding does.
(I will save more wedding stories/opinions/my own wedding story for another day!)

I don't consider myself a professional at the moment, but hopefully a bit more than your average uncle Larry with a zippy camera. Somewhere in between I guess. Bottom line is that I still love to 'make photographs' and I get a huge amount of satisfaction from doing so.

The best part of the day though (besides many hours not having to change diapers or be screamed at) was getting to hang out with the lovely and talented YoJo. We have been great friends for years now, and haven't been able to spend a lot of time together lately. It was a treat to enjoy each others company and remember why we are such good friends in the first place.

So here's a toast to quality time spent with friends, and time spent enjoying your passion. Now drink up!

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