Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good Old Days?

We got back last night from another weekend in the mountains.

I have quite an affection for car trips. When I was young we had a 'cool' van (think 70's), and my dad built a bed in the back for camping etc, and as soon as we got in, we could hop to the back (who needs a seat belt??) and read or play games or whatever. We spent hours listening to music, learning every word of course and singing along. I can still sing along to almost any Simon and Garfunkel tune, or the Carpenters (for better or worse). I know my brother and I fought some of the time, but mostly I have pleasant memories.

The best part though, was the sleep. The sweet, blissful sleep. I would fall asleep shortly after take-off, and wake up hours closer to our destination. Like magic. Even as an adult it has taken me a long time to be able to stay awake on a trip of any length (I'm probably not your best bet for an all nighter drive).

My children do not sleep in the car. They do not get lulled into that peaceful rhythm of blissful content. They can not make a 2 hour car trip without screaming and wailing at least part of the way. Often a big part. Or they demand constant attention/entertainment until every possible object of interest (toys, snacks, keys, garage door opener, sunglasses, and the grand finale - daddy's cell phone) has been played with, fought over, chewed and tossed aside. This does not bode well for the summer vacations I had envisioned travelling to exotic locales, camping and having fun along the way. No sadly, there is nothing fun about these car trips.

I have made every attempt to make these trips comfortable, and pleasant. We have even tried Baby Gravol in case car-sickness is an issue. It does not make them happy or sleepy. My children have beat the system (me). I hope and pray they will grow out of this 'phase' and learn to love travel as CH and I do.

It makes me long for the really Good Ole Days, when a little of this was all you needed!


Alyson said...

I know I'm not comfortable chained to a seat either. When my sister and I traveled we would have contests to see who could put their leg over the head the farthest. Now that I'm older that is no longer possible. I blame the seatbelts.

Two Mittens said...

I think you're on to something...seatbelts are ruining it for everyone. Safety Schmafety!