Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It Takes Two Baby

There are lots of things that come along with having two babies at the same time. Some good, some less good, as I will let you fill in the blanks.
The advantage for them is that they always have a friend and companion. I hope that they will always be close and appreciate each other as brothers. They have never been apart and while they have different personalities and talents, they can pull together and strengthen each other. Hopefully using their powers for good and not just to torment their poor mother (me).

On the other hand, they also have someone to fight with. Yes, they are not quite a year and a half yet, but they fight alright. Generally over toys. As toddlers they really don't understand 'share' although they manage to work it out most of the time. The Bee shares much better than the Bug, but there is give and take. This morning it is all take. I have a cold, and a headache and they have spent the morning screaming at each other. Over what you ask?? A beloved toy? A favorite softie? A fascinating book?

An empty container with a plastic lid.

I finally had to take it away. The screaming has subsided somewhat, but not my headache. I'm afraid to think what will happen when they really have something to fight over!

This photo is of a younger, quieter time. And the Bug looks a little drunk.
Oh happy days...


Peace Sweet Peas said...

oh no...being sick is horrible with screechy children. Sometimes I wonder why we bother buying them toys at all. It's not just the box they find more interesting but the plastic cling wrap, the packing foam chips, the bubble wrap, the stickers... i could go on but i won't. The latest scrrreacchy thing at my house is that they've decided to support each other with this really fake sounding solidarity screetching.

Two Mittens said...

I bet you can't wait for fighting screech!
My other favorite is 'I'm just falling asleep and what's that I hear?' screech.