Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Ray of Sunshine

I saw the best movie last night. I don't actually see many movies these days, but it's also fair to say there's a lot of movies not worth seeing. And I'm picky. Little Miss Sunshine blew me away.

I know sometimes when a movie gets rave reviews it almost makes you not want to see it. Expectations are too high. But you won't be disappointed. I won't go into great detail, especially since my hot date will give it a much more insightful review, but it was a joy to watch. I laughed until I was crying. Not an easy feat.

I will say that the basic premise is a screwy family who come together in support of their youngest member. As a new parent I could totally identify with the heatwrenching battle between wanting to protect your child, and wanting to support them in all their hopes and dreams, no matter what. The results are fantastic. All thumbs up!!

Different topic.

Do you ever do something really dumb and have no one to blame but yourself? Nothing horrific. Just a bit stupid. Perhaps something that could have been prevented if you had thought about it for a second.

Hypothetically... like when I went grocery shopping for the first time after I had my babies and I could barely manage two babies in carseats in shopping buggies and a grocery list even though my mom was there, and I left my bank card in the machine at the store, and it ate it...hypothetically.

Or when someone has given me some money they owed me and I put it in my pocket and forgot about it and went to the movies (for a change), but then it was gone when I remembered to look the next day because it FELL OUT OF MY POCKET...hypothetically. neither......

I think I need to see Little Miss Sunshine again!


Alyson said...

How about when you put some money "bills" in your pocket and then wash and dry the garmet that had said pocket

Two Mittens said...

Thanks for trying to make me feel better, but I still win. Actually losing the money is WAY stupid.

Alyson said...

well I'm talking about the time I did it and the money fell apart from the washing process.

Funny thing just after I posted I went to the drier and found a $10. I guess I haven't learned my lesson but at least the paper bills are stronger.