Thursday, August 03, 2006

Don't Try This at Home

Let me just say first that I like my hairdresser. I like her as a person, and I think she's a good hairdresser.
BUT, and you know there was one...ever since I got my hair cut a few weeks back my hair has been ugly every day. The ONLY thing that doesn't look completely horrible is a ponytail. Which Charming Husband happens to love. However, the point of having your hair done is to look cute and sexy in a hair-down touselled or straight and sleek kind of way. I got it a bit shorter than usual which I don't mind, and a bit darker on the highlites, which I also don't mind. But something went wrong in the mix and I have dreaded 'Mom hair'. Not cute and sexy, but plain and practical looking.

I don't consider myself super high maintenance normally, but I definitely have less time to spend on looking hot, or even reasonable most days. But I find lately even if I do make the effort, it's to no avail. Something is missing. I fear I may have lost my edge. Whatever edge I may have had.

So I try to deal with it the only way I know how. Cutting it myself. Not big cuts or anything, just a bit here and there, a trim on the side, and what are my bangs doing? This has gone on for many days now. If I'm not careful I may end up like this which is so far from this.

Maybe I just need to wait it out a bit longer.
I am so un-rockstar right now.

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Peace Sweet Peas said...

hmmm I too have been snipping my hair. I found some hair color in the back of the bathroom cupboard so decided to give it a whirl...and no this was one makeup I didnt' share with Miss Monkey. I've been trying to take a pic to send to the BIG banana to show him but have been unable to get the essence of it on record. But happily enough the Banana is coming home this weekend cause he misses us so!!!! YEAH!!!!