Thursday, August 31, 2006


Brrrr! It certainly feels like fall already. I went out this morning to pick up my newly repaired camera (FINALLY!!) and I had to use the seat warmers. Brrrr.

Fall is quickly approaching (I like to think of early September as late summer) and with it comes many changes. The leaves are already changing and falling off the trees. Some of us are back to school. Shorter days and cooler nights. New tv shows to watch. Fall harvest with its bounty. One of the best things about September is Virgopalooza.

It seems like half the world is celebrating a birthday around this time (you do the math). I have a Grandpa, cousins, extended relatives, and numerous good friends with Virgo birthdays, including yours truly. I even have a friend with the same birthdate, who also has twin boys. Beware the nines! Hence Virgopalooza is a term to describe the general sense of celebration and cake eating.

I find that I don't spend as much time at birthday parties as I did in my single days, but there is still something worth celebrating. Some people shy away from birthdays as they get older, but something in me refuses to go quietly. I don't require a big party with a lot of people or gifts, but small rememberances and thoughtful times with friends/family mark the occasion. Well, and cake. Who doesn't like cake?

I enjoy celebrating the birthdays of my family and friends. I enjoy the idea of having a special day where special attention is paid. I enjoy paying that attention.

So to all my fellow Virgo friends, Happy Virgopalooza to You!!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Virgopalooza is in our household as well. B celebrates on Sept does his dad!
Let's plan a date when you & I & our little boys can celebrate your day. Wed the 6th?

Two Mittens said...

We're always up for getting together! Sept really is bizarre with the birthdays.
The 6th sounds fun.

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Yay! Let's do it. Give a thought as to what you would like to do

YoJo said...

Right back atcha, wheat-bearing maiden! ;)