Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Valderie, Valderah....

We got home late last night from our long weekend in Golden. It always feels like we are just relaxing and having a really good time, and it's time to go home.

This weekend we managed to go for our first family hike. The boys got to ride for most of the 2K in their trusty chariot, but the last 300m or so was a smaller, rooty trail through the woods. On the way down to our destination CH and I each carried a toddler on our shoulders until we got to the viewpoint. The view was a small clearing in the trees which overlooked the falls. Quite spectacular since you really saw no hint of them along the trail. We had a bit of a snack picnic at the outlook and headed back through the trees. The boys did not want to be carried this time, and insisted on walking back themselves (to the chariot, not the car!). They were great little hikers.
And we almost made it back to the trailhead before we ran into a big line of about 20 ATV's getting ready to head out on the same trail. There's nothing like the hum of motor vehicles to really get in touch with nature!

Charming Husband also had his first foray into kayaking on the Kicking Horse River with my dad. From the beaming smiles on their soaking wet faces I'd say it was a success.

This morning the kids and I are feeling the pains of being back home again with just each other and no one else to play with.
How many days until the next long weekend?!!

p.s. photos are from our last adventure weekend...still no camera

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