Friday, November 09, 2007

Those Days

I am having one of 'those days'. I have felt guilty for even admitting that I feel this way, but it seems unrealistic to not have them. There may be superwomen out there who don't feel this way, but I do.
And it's not that the kids are doing anything out of their normal sphere of mess making and being difficult, I'm just not interested.

Instead of cleaning up the same food off the floor and looking for socks and listening to whining I'd rather take a shower for as long as I want and read something when I feel like it or have a nap. Or go to a store that doesn't require a shopping buggy for 3. And even though laundry can be fascinating, I'm just not interested in doing 4 more loads today.

Don't worry, the kids are not being neglected. The Babe is impatiently sitting on my lap at the moment. It's true I am probably a lot more impatient today.
I might even venture to say I am bored. And yes, that may be because I am boring and fail to find the spectacular in everything around me. But there you have it.
Go ahead and judge me.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

There's no judgement from this end. If there's one thing the madness of motherhood has taught me, it's not to judge other mothers because I can quickly fall into their shoes and become one of "those" mothers.
As for the "supermoms"...they don't exist. Those mothers belong to the Pathalogical Liar-Mother club...the ones who always LOVE their life, whose kids are never unruly, whose house is always showhome ready and look like they walked out of a fashion mag. Liar, liar pants on fire!
Somedays a nanny and housekeeper would be such a treat so that we moms could have a day off to do nothing and everything at the same time. But that's a pipe dream....
At least it's a three day weekend...maybe you can get some alone time while CH has some time with the littles? Worth a try!

Peace Sweet Peas said...

Oh I hate it when I get bored. Frustrated, stressed, angry, impatient they all are strong enough emotions to consume me and even though they suck time passes. IT's the bored that really gets me because that's when you start thinking of all the other things you aren't getting to do. The girls have been watching an awful lot of tv lately which I've been feeling guilty about. It started when E started nursery school ans was just so tired and cranky whenever she was home and it has just grown into a monster. I was so stressed out this morning. The girls were going going and I was tring to keep things cleanish and do the dishes AGAIN (the big drawback of doing all this extra cooking is so many darn dishes and we've broken so many that I have a total of 6 plates so I have to constantly wash for us to have anything ot eat off of). AGH AGH aGH! Hang in there Mrs. Mittens! The sun will come out tomorrow...

Two Mittens said...

I think you're both super moms!