Sunday, November 25, 2007

Baby Girl 6 Months

In the past month The Babe has really been checking out the gear. Rather than using me as her only entertainment, she has fun in the jolly jumper, her exersaucer, her bumbo chair and her swing.
6 months is such a happy baby age. And The Babe is a pretty happy baby. She's not moving around much yet but I'm not complaining. Once they figure out they can move they never sit still again!

And she's still not a great sleeper, although I think we're making some progress. Maybe? I'm too tired to remember...

The Babe and her brothers are still getting along quite well although they have tried a few times to steal her toys away. The Bee likes to inspect any new toy or baby gadget that comes in the house and may then claim it as his own. The Bug will just grab toys away from her. She is going to have to get tough with those brothers. I suspect it's just a matter of time before she is running the show anyway.
Overall The Babe is getting more curious about her world and watching everything going on around her. That cute little hand that used to rest on my chest now grabs my hair or sticks her fingers in my mouth. She laughs when I 'bite' them.
She has been a bit fussy again in the evenings, but is happy to go out and visit or just shop at the grocery store.

Mostly she is sweet and adorable and lots of fun!
(Oh, except for the deafening cat-like screeching that will make your ears bleed, but I'm sure that's just a phase...)


Go Cards said...

it is just a phase! Very cute

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

She's changed so much!
And is still ever so lovely...her smile is amazing.