Friday, November 16, 2007

Downtown...and Camilla Engman Artwork

I had to go downtown last night to pick up a print from here. This was my second trip. I made a very specific trip downtown Saturday morning to view the show and Camilla's work.
I brought Shishi and the baby and a stroller and my sister brought her roomate all under the premise of checking out this cool show and nothing. I'm on the mailing list so I had a recent 'hours of operation' and everything.
Now I'm not a demanding shopper for the most part. I don't get all hissy over little things, but getting downtown is a big deal for me. It doesn't happen often or without a certain amount of pain.
So I wasn't happy.
So I emailed.
And there was an apology (but not a discount!)
ANYWAY...I headed back downtown last night because they were open late for a special 'shopping night'.
And it was crazy. It was like rush hour at 7pm on a Thursday. And parking was non-existent. And I had to carry the baby around because she had fallen asleep in her car seat. And she's a heavy little thing.
And I picked up my print which is lovely!
Mine is framed which makes me happy, but you can order all 4 right from Camilla for a great price.

AND...All that driving around downtown while I was looking for a place to park reminded me of something. Downtown is sexy!
It's mostly difficult and annoying, and downtown daytime is corporate and dull, but at night there are well dressed grown ups going to events at swanky hotels and shows and shopping at pretty stores and having sexy dinners at trendy restaurants.
I used to work downtown every day and mostly I don't miss any of it.
But Sexy Night-Time Downtown, I miss you!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

First....doesn't poor or non-existance service in this busy market drive one crazy?! It's an absolute shame.
Second...downtown is sexy. When I go downtown now (not very often) I feel like I've secretly entered this amazing different world, with amazing people, who look totally foreign to me and that I am just looking in the window...It's surreal.

Go Cards said...

Very nice pics. Happy that it finally happened!
I do not like downtown at all...I am not a fan of crowds any time of day!