Sunday, November 18, 2007


I just finished cleaning up a small boy with 'explosive falling out of his diaper coming out the back' diarrhea. The best part is when you think you've got it all and you find a smear in another unexpected place.
And about half an hour prior to this I was cleaning up a room full of puke. Another small boy. You know it's bad when you open the door and it hits you before you even see it.

It's 10:15am.
We're now out of spot shot.
I'm thinking of outfitting them in garbage bags. Too much?

If you need me I'll be bathing in bleach.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh Mrs! I feel for you (and your boys too, but you ALOT!). Hope that it all ends now.
We had the diarrhea down the leg & onto the carpet on Fri. Plus the coughing & mucous are back. Pitre dish that we are.
Garbage bags...check! What about gas masks, gloves or a ticket to go out for the day too?

Go Cards said...

I think garbage bags is not too much!

Alyson said...

Oh Mrs. Mittens. I am so sorry. We are sick here too but its the cough. Everyone seems to be getting over it except for the smallest of the tweedles. he isn't as congested but he now wakes himself and won't go back to sleep. I think I would rather wake up than clean up puke and the runs, but after a week I might change my mind. The worst would be waking up and finding puke and diarrhea.

As for the garbage bags why stop there? I think this calls for a trip to the local fire department to borrow a hazmat suit complete with SCBA. Better yet get the hazmat team to clean it up. Then again they would probably just throw kitty litter on it and scoop it up leaving the stain behind.

Two Mittens said...

I like your thinking's should get their own hazmat team!!
We can all go to the movies while they clean up...