Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Hangover

Well, it took some serious persuasion and a little bit of bribery but we got The Bug to wear his costume for Halloween. The Bee was already dressed and ready to go, of course. And can I just say, Halloween was so fun!
I took the boys while The Babe stayed with daddy to hand out candy. We went to our next door neighbours first, and they practically filled up the buckets in one stop. We really only went to about 5-6 houses but the boys were so cute. Sure, they thought they should come on in whenever someone opened the door, but they were very polite.

The Bug said 'thank-you' every time.
And the little kids who came to our door were adorable too.
I've always thought Halloween was fun, but who knew it was so rewarding just to watch the wee ones.

And The Bee loves the jack-o-lanterns.
Officially known as pumpkinheads at our house!

Now it's on to November.
And we've eaten too much candy (well, the grown-ups have).
And we all have colds.

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Isn't it almost better than Christmas?!
People should dress up for xmas on one night when carolling...maybe not as ghouls though...remind me to tell you about my latest xmas pic idea that FH won't go for...ANYWAY>
The boys looked too cute. W loved the "Ween Houses" too.
So sorry to hear you all have colds!! It's not fun at all. We're now injesting probiotics (to boost immunity) and W gets a daily dose of echinacea.
Hope you all are well soon and this cold season doesn't hang on.