Friday, November 23, 2007

33 Months

Hmmm...let's see what's been going on the past month.
Halloween was fun, of course. And then came the sniffles and coughing, barfing, etc etc. Don't worry, no pictures of that.
The boys continue to develop their own personalities in so many ways. It's sometimes hilarious and also a bit scary at times.

The Bee continues to be sneaky and then will act all innocent when you catch him with something. He likes to take things out of the utility drawer (screwdriver, batteries, utility knife) and try to sneak them down to his room when he thinks you're not looking. Then when he's busted he'll hand it over with a look of 'oops I don't know how this got here and I was just going to bring it to you since obviously I shouldn't have this'.

The Bee has also been developing his new love of singing. It's soo cute. He may not know the words, but he is happy to sing along with songs on a video or music. He likes the songs from Cars and The Bear Necessities. And sometimes Old MacDonald. So funny!
He's such a people person.

The Bug continues to be somewhat more introverted. He can play well with others, but he will often be quite content to play with his cars. His vocabulary is getting quite good, but he talks a lot less than his brother. Maybe he's happy to let him do the talking, but maybe he can't get a word in edgewise!
He's really good at puzzles and coloring. He loves a good chase. And if you ask him for a hug he will give you a kiss. Or at least make a good kissing sound in your direction.

Little by little they are both becoming more independent. Although neither one can get himself dressed yet. Just too much work? All those arm holes and leg holes.
The Bug continues to be more particular about what he wears. He has a favorite pair of shoes.
The Bee likes his boots best.

They both love to go for rides in the van and play outside, and are crazy about their daddy.


Go Cards said...

They are so much fun! Thanks for the fun times!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

So sweet, and so funny and growing up so fast.
I miss them!
Are you all healthy yet? We have one runny nose but otherwise are well. Can't wait to see you & your trio.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

It is so interesting to hear how they are changing and what kind of little men they are growing into. I was reading about ice cream makers the other day and feeling very hungry! What have you been making with yours?