Thursday, November 08, 2007

And the Heavens Opened and Doves Flew Down

The Babe hasn't been sleeping. First she was eating every two hours for a couple of weeks and then she got a cold. The night before last was probably the worst night she's had since she was a day or two old. She just kept waking up and crying a pitiful sad miserable baby cry. All night. My poor little baby.
And I'm surrounded by snotty, slobbery, sloppy faces. It's gross. Oh how I love November. Last November still haunts me with the vast assault on my senses and my sanity.

However, by a stoke of magic or whatever you want to call it, but it did require nothing short of a higher power, my Charming Husband and I went on a date. That's what you call it when two adults who might sort of like each other get to go out and eat dinner. Together.
And we were tired and grumpy and he was late getting home and we took the baby even though she was snotty.

And we had a good time anyway. It wasn't very long. But I got to eat Vietnamese food. And we were relaxed and even smiling.
Big thanks to Shishi for babysitting. Which is really just fun time for the boys.

And then to top it all off...The Babe only woke up once in the night! Angels singing!!
Which doesn't undo all the damage of not sleeping for 3 years, but it makes for a very pleasant morning.

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Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Congrats to you!
Oh sweet sleep, whither art thou ever return?! PUHLEEESE!
Your poor babe...and poor, poor you! This business of being sick is brutal. And I only have one word of "advice" for you...don't hesitate to take your little sickies to the doctor. Do NOT worry about being one of "those" mom's who takes their kids to the Dr. for a cold...I fell for that trap and it is why we've been sick for two months...I could have prevented it being so bad had I taken W to the Dr earlier.
The lovely Auntie ShiShi! Maybe she can come over for fun time for the boys & you and babe can just sleep? That would be fabulous.
Date night...don't the little things just seem like all out miracles these days?
Kisses to all and good health prayers to all too.