Thursday, March 01, 2007

Too Little or Too Much

Sometimes I have nothing to say. And other times I find myself with a lot to say. But I question, at times, what really needs saying.
Especially in this format. It would be nice to think that you could just throw anything 'out there' in the name of truth or honesty, but the reality is that words are powerful and there are consequences for what we say. Or write.
What to expose? What to hold back?
I'm a believer in positive energy. In getting back what you throw out. That's basically my guideline.
Not that we all don't need a good shoulder to cry on, or anger to vent. Or support from online friends. One of the most amazing aspects of blogging.

How do you decide what information is for 'public' discussion and what is for private?


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Sensorship vs. total rule of thumb includes some sensorship...this blogging hobby does require some thoughtfulness and consideration of other's will I be "scared" that someone will read an entry and know who, what, etc I'm writing about, will this hurt/offend someone, am I willing/able to be accountable for my ramblings...this is just my perspective. I know there are those in the blogosphere who are very candid & open, very brave...I'm just not at that level I guess, not that I'm dishonest, just careful.

Anonymous said...

Blogging is a strange phenomenon. I hold back a lot in my posts and have mostly switched to movie reviews and things that were not so personal. In retrospect I probably should not have used my real name in the beginning because I have a big web footprint that people can follow. I also have a few people that I don't really like that read my blog.

Oh Well...

Peace Sweet Peas said...

I am very aware that my mother, mother-in-law and husband will be reading and it has made me not post about a lot of the emotional things that have been happening. Sometimes I regret this but mostly I feel too tired to write about the difficult things anyway.

Mrs Hatter said...

i guess i'm one of those who sometimes doesn't care. if i think someone should know something (like last week) i take it out in my blog. relieves alot of my stress. alot of times i discuss it with mr. hatter first and if we both agree it needs saying then i go ahead and post it especially if we're both feeling that way.