Thursday, March 22, 2007

'Fun' at the Library

We like going to the library. Mostly the kids enjoy the little kid-friendly computer they can play on. It has colorful keys and a little kid size mouse. They think it's great, especially since they don't get much computer time at home. They also like taking out dvd's and music, and sometimes even books!

I was feeling somewhat brave yesterday and took the boys myself. In the past my sister has always come with us, just to help keep a handle on things. As with many activities.
So we got our Thomas the Train dvd's, played with the computer, read a couple of books and were at the front desk getting ready to sign them out...I had to let go of both little sets of hands, because, I only have TWO myself and I had to get out library cards, and pay the $1.30 fine. Both kids had to explore a bit around the front entry. No problem... I can see them both... will only take a minute...

And then The Bug started giggling with glee and headed out the ever-so-helpful-self-opening-doors. And he was making great time. I left the dvd's and my wallet AND my other child (one disaster at a time please) while I had to RUN out the doors after him. Oh what a sight to sprinting after the tiny trouble-maker as I finally caught up to him in the parking lot. Neither of us were any too happy with the other at that point.

Good times at the library!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Pregnant mommas should never have to sprint...oh how the Bug would have loved his 15 sec of freedom. And people wonder how moms keep their svelte figures...try toddlerhood! amazes me how you can hold their two hands in one of yours, carry a tray of food, pay a cashier, etc all at the same time. You've got parental talents that I only dream about.

Anonymous said...

You caught him in the parking lot? Wow he must be a fast kid! Self opening doors are the bane of any parents existence! They are really cool and make a totally wicked wooshing sound which makes any kid just want to be near them. They also make it way too convienent for the little guys to pull a Houdini and dissapear. You are brave indeed taking the little monsters to the library alone!