Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Pregnant Lament

I am of the general notion that if I have nothing nice to say, I should just zip it. No one wants to hear me complaining. And yet here I am...unable to contain myself...

Disclaimer: If you are all dreamy eyed about someday being pregnant and glowy, you may not want to continue reading. If you are one of those woman who loves being pregnant and it makes you all dreamy eyed and glowy, go away.

At 28 weeks along you would think that the mere remaining 12 weeks would seem like a breeze. Instead, I find myself looking down the long hall of eternity. 12 MORE WEEKS. (I will not consider any possibility of being over-due)
I am tired, uncomfortable, and GRUMPY.

All my pants are either too tight now, or sliding off my bum. Literally. I could feel the gap between the top and bottom getting larger as I walked out of the grocery store with my hands full. Luckily it was a short walk.
I am impatient with my kids. I am tired but I cannot sleep. I feel big and lumpy and sore. Mylanta is my close companion, once again.
My sweet CH is helpful with the kids, and sympathetic (I think).
Mr. "I'm so skinny, I should just get skinnier, I'll just ride my bike some more, pass the lettuce".

I have dreams of a skinnier, more energetic me with freshly highlited hair. Dreams of an island vacation. But alas, those dreams are very distant. Mother Nature isn't fooling anyone this time around. I know what's coming!

And to top it all off, my belly button is crooked. I used to have a cute little innie. The twins took care of that for good. But I was in denial for years about the position. I would just say that all the buttons on all my pants were slightly askew. They never lined up. When in fact, it is undeniable it it's fully outward state, that my belly button is off centre.
The icing on my big, ballooned, stretched- marked cake.


YoJo said...

Hang in there, babe... (I just gave you a hug in my head) Before you know it, the Harry Potter book (and movie!) will be out, new green leaves will be on the trees, and the newest Ellis will be wearing a little toque...OUTSIDE OF YOU. ;)

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lmao...oh I empathize with you my friend. For what it's worth, you look fabulous! Your little belly is just the right size & you look all baby, no other weight gain at all. Love the image of a crooked belly button...we should have our bellies henna'd or something fun.
My sister would tease me that I can't keep my pants up or shirt down & I hadn't even been drinking! Isn't she sassy!
Soon we'll have babies hanging off the front of us in carriers or something longing for the day when we didn't have an extra appendage. At least we can commiserate together.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

You will understand when I say how profoundly grateful I was that Zoe was two weeks early. For me it ended up being a matter of hunkering down and eliminating everything I could. Any creative thought or impulse just got put on hold. I was so relieved when I finally got to the point that whenever I had a free moment I didn't want to just sleep. Looking back it doesn't seem like it was so long but I tell you in the inside it went on forever. I think you have to be kind to yourself - to let yourself feel the way you feel, and know that it won't last forever and that you're doing a huge job which is incredibly difficult.

I remember spending a lot of time laying on the floor reading books to Emma those last months before Zoe was born. I'm guessing that the boys aren't letting you do too much of that. But this too will pass.

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Girlfriends!
I'd be lost without you.
(not on a freaky tropical island with Mathew Fox, but here at home, with the small 'others')

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that I laughed at your pain! You just describe it in the most hilarious way possible... You should let me take a really nice picture of you and your family before you have your new little addition to the family.