Wednesday, March 28, 2007

French Kissin' the Mornin'

I had a regular Dr.'s appt this morning (they have now shifted into higher gear, every 2 weeks instead of every month). I quite like my Dr. so far, but her building is old and crappy. As any pregnant woman knows, when you go to your appt's, you have to give a 'sample' for them to test your sugar levels, or some such thing. It's not a big deal, except that at my Dr.'s office, you have to get a key and then go up a floor to the crappy old bathroom that matches the rest of the crappy old building. SO, I get the 'sample' containers ahead of time, and then I can just bring it from home.

ANYWAY. I was driving to my appt this morning and I thought I'd check out a new radio station. First of all, I loathe the radio stations in Calgary. It's a pet peeve of mine. I'm not a rocker. I hate old rock. I don't like the 'oldies'. I'm not nostagic for 1985. I'm not into gangsta rap, or even top 40 anything. California and 'lite' music makes my ears bleed. The college and indie stations are fun sometimes, but it's really a crap shoot there.
So, I was listening to the new station. And kind of enjoying it. Some newer tunes, not anything I'm already sick of. A couple of blasts from the past, but in a fun way, not even irritating.

And then they played this Bon Jovi 'hit'. I'm not nostalgic, or even a huge BJ fan, but who can resist a song that refers to the Holy Ghost repeatedly in the lyrics??! Although, if I was in any way married to JonBJ, and he sang that song for me, I'd totally laugh in his face.

Instead I laughed at myself as I captured the mental image of me singing along in my Volvo wagon, 7 months pregnant, with a bottle of pee in my purse.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh so fun! Yes, the radio sucks here, yes the dr's bathrooms suck, and yes I too drive around with pee in my purse. Before the little bottle is in use, W likes to carry it around and pretend to drink out of it. Ewww!

Anonymous said...

I totally hate the radio stations here too! Especially CJ92 they want to make me hurl very hard. The new one is pretty good. I am listening to that a lot. I like CBC for the world at 6 and I also listen to the John Tesh show on 103.1

That sounds like a good start to a story... So how did you ?????? Mrs.Mittens?

Well you see I was singing to Bon Jovi while driving in my Volvo with a bottle of Pee in my purse...

Peace Sweet Peas said...

What a great image! Hope the appointment went well and that you are all well. T has really been into the movie Cars lately and I was telling him how the bug and bee are fans and last night he was saying how much he wished he could watch it with the boys!