Wednesday, March 21, 2007

25 Months

The boys are 25 months now. As of last week. appears that I haven't taken a whole lot of photos the past few weeks. Another result of my waining energy. Luckily I have some back-ups, and will make an effort to get some more done.

We haven't had any 'big' events in the past month, but a few things have happened.
Firstly, and quite significantly, we have moved on somewhat from all Cars all the time, to now also enjoying Finding Nemo. Or Memo (like the memo pad, not Meemo). Or Mamo as he is affectionately referred to. It is somewhat refreshing, although we're still going to have to expand our collection. Mostly so I don't completely lose my mind.

The Bug is still an avid 'reader' of all things Cars though. He woke up at 5am this morning because he wanted his Cars colouring book, and just couldn't sleep another minute. He completely settled down again once he had it in his hot little hands (he's not interested in colouring so much as just carefully looking over each page). He also enjoys reading the Volvo magazine we recieved in the mail. He pours over it and points out all the cars. He studies all his 'papers' in great detail until they literally start to fall apart.

And we've made progress in the world of The Sleeping Bee. In a stroke of genius (desperation) we moved him downstairs so that he is more than 3 feet away from where we try to sleep. I was worried that he would feel too far away from us, but he LOVES it. It's like some kind of magic. He's happy to go to bed (much like normal) but then seems to sleep just fine through the night and wakes up pretty happy each morning. And if he does feel the need to be loud and bang around some, it's not like hot spikes being driven into our heads! We can still hear him, but it's at a much lower decible. Hooray!

Both The Bug and The Bee are learning new words. They're still a far cry from some of their female counterparts, but taking it step by step. The Bee now says 'Pease' quite well, when he wants something (although not necessarily when I want him to). Not every vehicle is a car anymore, but may be a 'tractor' or a 'bus'. The Bug can say most anything The Bee can, but The Bee is generally more verbal. He also likes it if we sing or hum so he can follow along, especially in the car. The Bee is also still more openly affectionate, giving hugs or kisses. The Bug will come up behind you with a sneaky hug or a kiss only when the mood strikes him.
It's pretty funny and we're certainly not going to complain!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Affection on their terms...very cute. Love the images of Bug reading his important works of literature and the Bug's singing/humming, etc. It's wonderful how different they can be.
One day they'll open up with a torent of full sentences & the days of few words will be longed for. I just know we're both in for something big in this department!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!