Friday, September 22, 2006

What The...????

I think I mentioned how much I was looking forward to the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy.
I waited and waited for 9pm and then watched with eager anticipation.
And it was good. But it wasn't as great as I'd hoped. There were gaps, like I missed something.

That's because ctv SHOWED THE WRONG EPISODE!!!
They aired the 2nd episode, not the first.
What kind of a** clowns do that??!!!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

lmao...that's brutal!

Two Mittens said...

I was so I missed the party or something...

Alyson said...
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Alyson said...

I'll tell you what kind of clowns do that...Scary incompetant Canadian Television clowns. Being without cable sucks. Cna you tell I don't like clowns?

Peace Sweet Peas said...

they did it just for me because I forgot to program the pvr to record it on thursday and I was just lamenting to the husband how on network tv they don't show the episodes more than once a week.

wow i didn't know i had such power

Two Mittens said...

Use your powers for good Sweet Peas!

Apparently they will be showing it this Thursday. Maybe I will enjoy it more for having had to wait. Or maybe I will just curse them under my breath. At least until Thursday.

And I agree that clowns are creepy.