Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I've Got the Music In Me: part 1

Well actually, I don't.
That's the problem. There is a void where the music should be.

At the moment it has a practical aspect. We have barricaded the stereo and video equipment as the wee ones like nothing better than to poke and prod and turn nobs. Or pull them right off. I have a little boom box, which we listen to occasionally but I can't find anywhere safe to set it where the kids can't pull it off or yank out the cord. It requires stealthy supervision.
CH has plans for some kick-a** stereo sounds in the new house, which will be a welcome addition to our lives. For all of us.

But the bigger issue is really what to listen to.
Growing up it was either top 40 radio stations from Calgary, or the local country station on the radio. I thought only hicks listened to country until I got to college and found the majority of the students in my small southern AB school went two-stepping on a regular basis.

I never really found my musical niche. It is something that takes effort and diligence. And time, which has been in short supply lately! I have friends with a stellar talent for finding and appreciating music, and I appreciate that.
I can barely stand to listen to any radio station in this city when I am in the car. So where do you find new music?
It's not that I'm a super-snob. I like a lot of music. It's just that I also don't like a lot of music. There is a lot of uninspiring crap out there being touted as music for the masses.

I think the internet has opened a lot of doors for the music industry. I don't want to argue the pros and cons of filesharing, etc, etc, but the reality is that music is more accessable than ever.
I love that.
Thank you internet.

*Amy Millan courtesy of PeaceSweetPeas.

The other great influence on music accessability these days, is of course TV. You can't hardly watch a show on the WB especially, that doesn't come with it's own soundtrack. It may still be music for the carefully targeted, often teenage masses, but it's still a great way to hear music. I think anything that gets your attention and entices you look further is a good thing.


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

The library...a great place to borrow CDs of all sorts, check em out & not pay for something you may only listen to once.

YoJo said...

My PC speakers (and the only source of musical sound in my home presently) have crapped out and it's killing me. Now that I have a job, I'm going to upgrade things, get a burner, and make you mixes again. Just like old times. ;)

Two Mittens said...

Yes, I need to be using the library more.
Yojo - sorry to hear about your musical situation. I feel for you! And look forward to new mixes ;)