Monday, September 11, 2006

The Chan Man

Several years ago (like 8-ish) I started work for a particular phone company. It was the last job in the world I would have imagined I'd be doing, calling people and asking about their phone service. Until I went to college I would never even call for pizza or to make a dr. appt. I am not a phone person. Anyway there were some perks...(well, hello always Charming future Husband)!

It happened that I was to share a cubicle with another member of my team, a Mr. Chan. OK, the Chan Man was only a couple years older than me, but he was somewhat of a legend on the team, and anyone within listening distance. Love him or hate him, you never forgot him. The guy could talk a mile a minute and say the most outrageous things, even to customers. It was hilarious. In person he could be even funnier.
And while this was one of the most unlikely jobs I ever had, it was also probably the most fun I ever had. It was a motly crew of people, talented and often eccentric, or just plain weird, but we'd have teambuilding events or all go out dancing together. The Chan Man was always a bit over the top. He was a large Asian man with a huge heart and a mouth to match. We got along great.

Now as time passes and we all went our separate ways, I still hear from the Chan Man now and then. Even when I least expect it, I'll get a call. I haven't seen him for a couple of years now, at least.
However, like clockwork, the other night there was a message on my machine. The Chan Man playing happy birthday to me on his guitar.

You cannot hear his voice and not smile.

Right back at you Chan Man!

Of course many thanks as well to my fave peeps for your Virgo love!


Mmmmaaahvelous said...

How lovely! "old" fun friends are irreplaceable.

Peace Sweet Peas said...

I love answering machines. I remember one Christmas P and I were calling up everyone we knew and leaving them singing messages on their machines. We even left one on an answering machine we had found by chance one day with a wrong number. How was the B-day? We're the bug and bee extra special sweet?

Two Mittens said...

B&B slept in a bit, which is about as good as it gets!