Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So You Think You're Having a Bad Day...

And then it goes downhill from there.
I did something crazy yesterday. I made plans. And worse than that, I had expectations. It's a dangerous thing when you travel with 2 little time bombs just waiting to go off.

The one thing that I was entirely not prepared for with parenthood (ok, one of many) is the extreme range of emotions you constantly find yourself going through. From utter frustration to joy and adoration, and then back to wanting to pull your hair out.

Maybe it's just me...

So I made plans with a friend to go out, with the boys. I nice outing, some pastry, some sunshine. All good things. It lasted about 20 minutes and then it all went to h*ll. There's no sense in fighting it, so I packed it in. Feeling quite frustrated by the fact that even the simplest things can be a painful ordeal.

Fast forward to the parking lot at the grocery store. Nope. That wasn't going to happen either.

Fast forward to home. I get the Bee out of the car and he pukes. Oh wait, The Bug is also puking in his car seat.

Fast forward to an hour later. The boys have had a cool bath, which they hated and cried through. I scoop them up still wrapped in their towels and sit down down on the couch with one in each arm. As I look down on their damp blonde heads all I can see is the tip of their noses and their eyelashes as they flutter and become heavy and then close. The two of them both snuggled in and fell asleep. The sweetest thing.


Darcy Schack said...

You know having twins is a hard thing to do especially when they are you first kids. You seem to handle it great from what I have seen. Little 'Bee' and 'Bug" are pretty lucky little guys to have a mom like you!

Two Mittens said...

Thanks Darcy. Your wife has been such a huge help to me. She's a great example. Knowing your family has made our life easier!

Mmmmaaahvelous said...

Oh the sweetest things...little love bugs...there's nothing quite like when they snuggle in & fall asleep.
Your friend understands...plans will be remade.
Hang in there.
PS: Boiled vanilla on the stove pretty much elliminates all smells & smells like cookies!