Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy Long Weekend

Some fun things coming up and going around...

Art City
I'm hoping to check out some galleries this year. I didn't get out much last year...

Calgary Film Festival

If you are lucky you may even see Verbosity there!

Art Central First Thursday
I've wanted to go to one of these for a while now. Maybe this will be it!

One Smart Cookie
I enjoy Julie's Blog, and fall always makes me feel like cooking/baking.

I'm sure the $9 soaps are lovely, but it's really packaging I love. You can see them in person at Indigo.

I'm a little obsessed with birds lately. I was thinking of doing some in the kids new room along the lines of 'The Littlest Birds' theme. (cute birds, not creepy scary birds, but not too cute, cuz it's a boys room)

I love these


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Peace Sweet Peas said...

I hope you had a great great one! I'm finally back online and feeling settled enough to be in communication again with the world. Have to say that I'm liking the new planet quite a lot.